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Lexi as an adult
photo by Jim Askenase

Lexi is a daughter of my Cara. She is shown here as an adult, and below at 4 months of age, and again at 10 months. This is one darling little girl who simply never grew up! At 10 years, she looks the same as she did at 10 months.

She is an extraordinary therapy dog. She has been certified by both Therapy Dogs Incorporated and Therapy Dogs International. Lexi is a very gentle girl, who doesn't know the word "stranger". She excells at visiting with the elderly and the infirm. She's small enough to fit in a lap, or curl up in bed. She's also very sensitive - the most intuitive dog I've ever met. She senses when someone needs her, and goes to them. She's gotten several people to open up to her, who were unable to talk to someone else.

Lexi had decided at an early age that "work" was beneath her. We tried obedience and agility, and she didn't enjoy either one. She did well in training, until it came time to formalize it for the ring. On January 1 & 2, 2005, I tricked her into showing in Novice Rally. Her "warm up" was being carried around like a baby, letting everyone pet her. Then, right into the ring. Because I could talk to her and praise her, this was not "formal" to her, so she actually did well. All three of her legs were in the upper 90's (out of a perfect 100). After only 2 days of showing, Lexi was then retired permanently from the show ring.

Lexi at 4 months of age Lexi at 10 months of age
photos by Sandra L Walroth


Lexi's pedigree


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