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Clan Ogilvy history

Publican, the first of whom any record is found, was ruler of the country that lies between Tay and North Esk. He died in the year 939 and we find Gilchrist, who appears to have been his descendent, flourishing as Earl of Angus in the Reign of Malcolm Corsmon. Then Gillibride, his son, is called the "Second Earl of Angus" and fought under David I at the Battle of the Standards in 1138. Gillibride had six sons, the eldest Gilchrist became Third Earl of Angus; Magmus, his second son, became Earl of Carthness, by Grant of King Alexandra II; Gilbert was the third son of Gillibride. From Gilbert descended the Family of Ogilvy and through it inherited the blood of the ancient Maoimirs of Angus. To this Gilbert, King William the Lion gave a grant of the lands of Oggnlium in the Parish of Glam. Ogilvy has been known as the Glen of Ogilvy from the land of Ogilvy. Gilbert assumed the surname of Ogilvy; for in this age such designation began to be used. He, Gilbert Ogilvy, was, therefore, a brother of Gilchrist III, Earl of Angus. Alexander D. Ogilvy appears as his son about 1250; then Patrick D. Ogilvy is mentioned as Alexander's son and he got a grant, The Barony of Kittins in Forfarshire, from King Robert. This Patrick D. Ogilvy is believed to have had two sons; Alexander Q. Ogilvy of Ogilvy and Patrick, his successor. Alexander D. Ogilvy was the father of Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Ogilvy. Alexander D. Ogilvy, second son, got a grant of Wistepowie from his nephew the above, Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Ogilvy. This Patrick, the uncle of Sir Patrick of Ogilvy, was the father of Sir Walter Ogilvy, Sheriff of Angus, who was killed at the Battle of Glen Brieachen in 1392. Sir Walter Ogilvy of Linthathen was the second son of Sir Walter Ogilvy, Sheriff of Forfar. This second Sir Walter later became possessed of Woster Powrie by charter obtained from Alexander Ogilvy of that ilk in 1334. A charter shows that a Walter Ogilvy was proprietor of Wister Powrie and that he was a descendant of the old Glen Ogilvy family. This Sir Walter Ogilvy was killed at Glen Brieachen killing an inroad of Highland Cateran (cattle thieves) in 1392. Sir Alexander Ogilvy succeeded his father, Sir Walter Ogilvy, as Sheriff of Angus and Lair of Auchterhouse, who in turn was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir Patrick Ogilvy, this line of Auchterhouse family ultimately encled. We must revert to Walter of Ogilvy, the second son of Sir Walter Ogilvy, killed at Glen Brieachen in 1392. Walter, his second son, got various grants by charters from different authorites including Fingach and Glen Erteny and lands in Lintrathen by marriage with Isabel Deerward, the heiress of it. It would appear that he was married twice: to Isabel Deerwood and to Margaret, daughter of Sir John Glen, by whom he got lands in Mearns and Aberdeen. Sir Walter was appointed High Treasurer of Scotland in 1425. It does not appear how the Barony of Airly came into his possession but in 1437 he got a license from King James I permitting him to erect his Tower of Airly in the form of a castle; which after this seems to have been the principal residence of the family although they resided a good deal at Bolliachen. Sir Walter died in 1440 and was succeeded by his elder son, Sir John Ogilvy, who was married to the Countess of Morcy. He died in 1489 and was followed by his son, Sir James Ogilvy on the 28th day of April, 1491. Sir James Ogilvy was created a Baron and Lord of Parliment Lord Ogilvy of Airly, to be styled in all time coming. He was sent as Ambassador of Denmard in the same year.

The history of our family is copied from a book of Uncle Alexander Ogilvy - Market Square, Alyth, Scotland.

                             (signed) Margaret Jean Ogilvy 
Birth records in my possession:
John Ogilvy, son of Alexander Ogilvy and Ann Jolly, at Hoth, Backerater on the 2nd day of June, 1869.
Isabelle Yurpie Ogilvy, daughter of John Ogilvy and Barbara (Thompson) Ogilvy on the 1st of October, 1908.

Marriage records in my possession:
John Ogilvy to Barbara Thompson on the 17th of September, 1890 at 206 Loche Road, Dundee, Scotland.

Naturalization records in my possission:
Miss Isabella Ogilvy at age 37 (white, fair complexion, hazel eyes, brown hair, height of 5'2" and 125 pounds, single and formerly British) became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America on February 18, 1943


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