Carawind Aussies and Shelties - Past dogs
Carawind Aussies and Shelties

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Lady Bonnie Lady of Dundee CD CGC

Belaire's Carawind Mist CD CGC
Tristen Belaire's Carawind Express CD CGC
Riley Carawind's Beyond a Whisper
D.J. Carawind Belaire It's Destiny HIC CGC
Brenna Wildwood Belaire Nightfall
Chase Shire's Cloud Chaser CGC
Lexi Carawind's Whisper A Dream RN CGC

The Aussies

Geordie Horizon's Warp Speed CD RA AX AXJ CGC
Ruby Horizon's Ruby Tuesday (major ptd)
Dottie Horizon Dot Com NA NAJ CGC (ptd)


Miscellaneous Aussie Information

AKC Standard of the Australian Shepherd

Colors of the Australian Shepherd


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