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This will take you to my family tree which I have uploaded on the Ancestry.com website.

All living relatives have been privatized for security reasons.

If you are an immediate relative, email me and I can send you a full version of our family tree Gedcom.  You will need a program that can read Gedcoms in order to open the file.  I can also save individual pedigrees to an Acrobat Reader file and email them.

I am currently using the "Family Tree Maker" software to store all of our ancestral data.  I am still updating the file, however, with this software I am able to store photos, scanned documents, etc. linked to specific individuals.  Some of the included documents I have gathered to put in the file include census records for specific individuals for several census years, copies of draft cards, and immigration records from Ellis Island, as well as photos from many generations back.  If anyone has old photos or media they can send me to add to the compilation, it's a great way to document our ancestry!

Some notes on the Family Tree Maker software-  This used to be a free program available from Ancestry.com many years ago when I first started doing my research.  Since then they now charge for the program, however having recently purchased the 2008 version, I can tell you the software has been greatly improved, and the ability to link media to individuals in the file makes the program the ideal way to manage genealogy data.  It is available from Ancestry.com for a nominal fee.  If anyone purchases this program and would like a copy of my data to upload to theirs, please email me.  The software also has the capability of merging files together, so when additions and changes are made, they can be added and updated without having to create new files.  It can import and export Gedcom files, and is directly linked to the Ancestry website, so when someone adds a new family tree to the Ancestry site with records that match yours, it will "flag" in your family tree.  A lot of the information on the Ancestry site is by membership only, but if you search around the site, there is also a lot of information you can access for free.  And if you happen across a "free trial period" for Ancestry.com, I would suggest taking a few days off work as you'll find yourself gathering information for hours!


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