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My name is Carla Rotmans. I was born in 1957 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
In 1983, while working as a programmer for an insurance company in Rotterdam, I met my now husband, John W. Mounce.
John was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He worked for a big computer company out of the US and we moved around quite a bid because of his work.
Since 1983 we've lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary and Austria. John is now retired and we moved 'back' to the US.


My biggest hobby is computers. I worked as a Cobol Programmer for 10 years and now I "Compute" at home. My second hobby is crafting, and mainly greeting cards. Several years ago I've added a third hobby, which is genealogy. Many of my husbands family do research on their family roots, and through all of their questions, I started myself.

I've created these Pages for our family tree. I hope you find some connections with your own tree and if so please do let me know.

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