The Daigh Family

Clark L. Carley April 6, 1992

James Daigh, born in state of Virginia, died in Illinois, was a farmer, married Elizabeth Stith in Virginia, Mason County. James Daigh's sons, John, James, Charles, Lewis, Thomas, William, daughters, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Nancy, Margaret, Francis, Ruth.

Charles Cameron Daigh, born in Mason County, Virginia, January 18, 1808, came to Illinois in 1829 and settled near Springfield, Sangamon county. Served in the Black Hawk war of 1831-32 under General Whitesides, took a Homestead in Sangamon County, in Cooper Township, was married in 1832 to Elizabeth Patton, moved to southwest Missouri in 1855. Settled near Mt. Vernon, Laurence County and continued to live there till July 13, 1861. Went to Christian county Illinois and lived there till September 11, 1884 when he died. Charles Cameron Daigh's sons, Alexander P., James L., Thomas J., David G., George w., Charles William Hamilton, John R., Joseph R., Daughters, Mary E., Flemin A., both died while small.

Elizabeth Patton, Her father, Matthew Patton was born in Scotland and was married in old Virginia to Isabel Cockburn who was born in 1776 on the sea between Scotland and the U. S. Her fathers name was Robert Cockburn of Glasgow, Scotland, Lived in Virginia for some time then moved to Galio county Ohio. He served in the war of 1812 and in Ohio. His family came to Ill., Sagamon Co. Matthew Patton's sons were Robert, John, George, and Samuel. His daughters Agnes, Hanna, Mary, Elizabeth and Francis. Elizabeth Patton was born in Gallio Co. Ohio Aug.,31, 1814, died in Parsons Kansas, February 1, 1900.

Charles William Hamilton Daigh, born November 19, 1843, Mt. Vernon, Laurence County Missouri, lived there till 1861 when he went with his parents to Christian county Illinois. Was married in Christian County Illinois, near Edinburg, to Elize Jane Firey in 1874, lived there till March 25, 1891 when he and family moved to Fullerton, Nancy county, Nebraska where lived till 1901 when he moved to Edmond, Oklahoma county, Oklahoma where he and family lived till Oct., 1901 when they came back to Nebraska where he died May 12, 1925 at the age of 81. His wife Elize Jane Firey was born in 1851 and died March 14, 1914. Both died in Boone county Nebraska and were buried at Auburn, Nebraska. Charles William Hamilton Daigh's sons, John Henry, Charles L., William, Joseph F., daughters, Mary L. Minerva, Lydia.

John Henry Daigh was born near Edinburgh, Christian County Illinois, Dec. 25, 1874. Came to Nebraska in March 1891, with his parents, Located near Fullerton, Nancy County, Nebr. Lived there till Oct. 1901 when he went with his parents to Edmond, Okla. Lived there till Oct. 1901, then he came to Belgrade, Nebr. Nancy county. Was married in 1902 at Edmond, Oklahoma county, Oklahoma, to Miss. Evaline Isle. Lived at Belgrade till June 26, 1903 when he moved to Boone county near Auburn, Nebr. where he farmed and raised his family. John Henry Daigh's sons, Charles Wesley, Robert Henry, Juanita Bernice, Bessie Viola, Dorothy Rosalind, Edith Evaline. John Henry Daigh died Jan. 1944. His wife Willie Evaline died Jan. 21, 1957. Both are buried at Albion, Boone County, Nebraska.

Robert Henry was born Dec., 7, 1906, near Albion Nebr. in Boone county. and lived in Boone county till 1933 when he moved to Harrison County, Iowa where he married Opal Ettie Wilkins, and raised his family and he is still farming his own 200 acres in Harrison county. Iowa. Robert Henry Daigh's sons, Robert Henry Jr., Donald Charles, Kenneth LeRoy, Twins, Dale Eldon and Darrell Sheldon, Kermit Lee, Daughters, Donna Darlene, Ilda Ruth, Betty Jean, and Shirley Rose.

William Henry Daigh 1849-1920 & Emma Susan Pettus Daigh 1853-1920 The family moved to Oklahoma in a covered wagon in 1895, and the house was built as soon as possible. This picture was taken in 1896 or 1897.

Winnie Daigh

Winnie Daigh

I think this picture was taken at Andreason Ranch in Rooks Co. Ks. about 1925. In my fathers photo album and I do know that this was the favorite cousin of my grandfather Charles LeRoy Carley

She is buried in N. Auburn, NB.


Daigh: Scotch Irish, came at the invitation of Wm. Penn and soon crossed mountains into Virginia and located on the Kanawha River.

James Daigh was born in Pa. or Va. in 1784. He is buried in Buckhart Commentary East of Springfield, Ill.

Colonel Peter Porter 1791-1869 was a Colonel in the War of 1812. The Porters were from Parkersburg, W. Va.; and then moved to a farm near Jamestown, Wis., in the SE corner of the state.

Daigh family lived in Greenbrier County West Virginia near White Sulpher Springs. Also lived in Parkersburg W Va. where Grandpa left sweetheart Agnes.

Peter Porter was a Colonel in the Black Hawk Indian War. Inscription on his monument in Grove City, Ill. He was one of the early settlers on the Buckhart or Sangamon River.

George Lewis Daigh 1843-1925 was a Lt. in the Civil War.

William Henry Daigh 1849-1920 was born in Jamestown or Jamestown, Wis. He moved to Grove City, Ill., and then to Nebr. in 1881, and to Okla. in 1895.

Besides I wrote Frank Sadler and he gave me a lot of information. Our Great Great Grandfather Joshua Porter was a first Lieutenant Baltimore Co. Maryland Militia. He served as an officer in the Rev. War. Was appointed May 13, 1776 and commissioned June 6, 1776. Joshua's son married Ann Barnes (her father James Barnes was a Revolutionary soldier - an Ensign or Third Lieutenant-the same place as Joshua Porter). They had five sons. Great Grandfather Peter Porter was one of them. James Porter, Jr., his brother served three enlistment’s in the War of 1812. His sister, Nancy married William Sadler who was Frank's Grandfather.

The records of the first four generations of the Porter family are taken from the "First Families of America" as given on page 433 in volume IV of the "Compendium of American Genealogy".

In a D.A.R. application (22and day of May -1926), Clara Eleanor Ord traced her lineage back to James Dorsey Porter, child of Joshua Porter and Rosanna Shipley Porter. And he the said Joshua Porter is the ancestor who assisted in establishing our Independence while acting in capacity of First Lieut. Baltimore Co Militia Md. Military record: Vol. XI Page 467 of the Journal of Correspondence of The Council of Safety 1775-1776. SAR 40434 also 39,981.

Bits by Alice Flagg: Grandpa Daigh's sisters: Aunt Becky Hazlett whose sons Bob; John at Bolivia in Christian Co. (she is buried in Buckhart cemetery near Rochester in Christian Co. where all the Daigh's including Grandpa Daigh's father and mother are buried, also Grandma Daigh's father and mother). Grandpa mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Stith which is his middle name. His Father was James for whom the twin son James Helm was named. Bob Hazletts son, a big stock man of Kansas attended the International Stock Shows at Chicago for years & in 1938 came in a wheel chair & in a Tribune interview promised to come in 1939 on a stretcher - but died.

Uncle Pete bought part of G. Grandfather James Daigh farm at Pine Ridge in Christian Co. near Grove City. John S. Daighs other sisters were Aunt Nancy Fletcher whose son was Grif Fletcher; & Aunt Frank Igoe. His brothers were Lou, Charlie, Bill, (who had son George in Springfield). Lou's 2nd son was Big Charlie Daigh near 600 lbs. & a daughter Emma Daigh. There was also a brother of Grandpa's names James who lived in Western part of Ill. whose grandson now, (Clarence) a school teacher near La Grange. Grandma Daighs mother died in Grove City when Alice Flagg went to funeral. She was 92 years old. Her husband Peter Porter was a Methodist preacher there & neighboring churches. He objected to a church organ so strongly that he threatened to kick it out if it were used at his funeral. His wife softly asked him "How can you Pappy, you'll be dead!" But at his funeral the organ was pushed to the back of the church, locked and covered. Grandpa Daigh brothers were Jim, John and Eli Porter. grandpa Daigh also had a sister named Cline Vauhn (?). She and her husband were deaf and dumb. Their son Lou's daughter Eva married Parish near Table Rock, Nebr. The relatives were so concerned when Lou was born for fear he too would be deaf that they resorted to 3 quick somersaults as soon as he was born & the 3rd day brought in a huge rock which was dropped on the floor to see if he could hear! grandpa & Grandma Daigh raised an Irish girl named Molly, but they never adopted her. Grandpa Daigh sold farm in Christian Co. & moved to Jamestown, Wis. hoping to cure Grandma's asthma. He sold this farm while Uncle George was in the Army, stationed at Brownsville,Texas. His house at Auburn Nebr. was bought by Uncle Sam Richards who promised to pay Uncle George 500.00 as his share, but did not ever pay! (ADG)

There is a Porter monument at Grove City churchyard cemetery. William Henry Daigh & Emma Susan Pettus Daigh buried Auburn, Nebr.

Winnie Annetta Daigh Born Feb. 19, 1875 in Grove City, Christian County, Illinois. Moved to Nebraska in 1881. Graduated Auburn, Nebr. High School in 1893. Came to Oklahoma in a covered wagon in 1895 with her parents settling in the Kickapoo country north-east of Harrah. Taught the first school in Peach Grove District three miles north of Harrah. Also taught Millwood and Home Valley. Three years at Shawnee, one year at McCook, Nebraska. Then came to Oklahoma City and taught thirty-eight years at Jefferson School in the primary department. Died May 15, 1954. (Buried N. Auburn, Nb. (clc 1994) (MDG)

Agnes Ione Daigh Gerhardt 1882-1967 was born on a farm in Richardson County near Humboldt, Nebraska (SE corner). About 4 years later the family moved to a farm on the outskirts of Auburn (Nehama Co.) (Auburn Nb. is in Nehama Co.) is where they lived until she was 14 years old. This was a hillside dairy farm where her father, **Wm. Henry raised dairy cattle and delivered milk at 5@ a quart; he also raised corn and hogs. And graduated from Shawnee High School in 1902, one of a class of three. The ceremony was at the Opera House at eight o'clock.

The Class Yell: Hi, linkity, lankilty lo!
We're not slow! Who says so?
He's out of his mind! Solo! Solo!
Rickety, rackety, rockity, roo!
Hurrah for the Class of Nineteen-two!

She taught school in the area, and then went up to Buffalo, NY to marry her Oklahoma sweetheart, Philip Gerhardt on  11-8-1906.

**(Two Henry girls, married two Carley brothers, Pottawatomie Co. Louisville, Ks.)

Congressman Wilbur Daigh Mills, Arkansas, is Chm. of The House Ways and Means Committee. He appeared on the cover of Time Magazine on 1-11-1963. Watch for him in the news in 1972; we may all get to the White House!

I made no attempt to edit or correct the Family Bits. Please send me any corrections or additions; I may put out some supplements. (Tried to call her Oct of 96, not listed.)

Your volunteer historian
Evelyn Gerhardt Risseeuw
416 N Hackett Avenue
Milwaukee, WI. 53211

Could not locate I tried to contact her several times in 1996

James Daigh Stone


Buckhart Cemetery
Visited in 1995
Just South of town

Highway 29 South of Springfield, east at Berry to Buckhart. Don’t blink, South on 11 St., at only business in town.
Visited in 1995

Elizabeth Daigh Stone

Click Here for Christian County Deeds

The Daigh Clan

I recently got these pictures from my cousin, Dorothy (Bowland) Calkin.
I have had them enhanced and scanned into document.

Top, seat second from right I believe is Margaret Ann (Daigh) Carley and next to her right, holding a child is Peter P. Daigh, John and Sarah Daigh, wrote on frame and on the back in the hand writing of Margaret Ann (Daigh) Carley.


John and Sarah Daigh

John and Sarah Daigh


DAIGH KIDS.jpg (100408 bytes)

The Children of John and Sarah Daigh
George, Peter P., Harry & Margaret Ann

Above Photos Property of Dorothy Calkin of Deepwater, MO

Steve, Nancy, George

Steve Payton, Nancy and George LaRue Daigh
1995 Gave me a lot of information.

George Daigh daigh@staff.uiuc.edu

Other information from

George LaRue Daigh
1703 South Cottage Grove
Urbana, Ill. 61801
217-367-7591 MANY FILES
George furnished a large part of information..

Alice Hampton
5352 Harvard Ave
Westminster, Ca. 92683
Found me LDS, RSL list, computer land, by phone
E-Mail RHam12393@aol.com

Tom Foreman
3440 Van Zandt.
Macon, Ga. 31206
E-Mail tforman@mylnk.net
(Tom put me in touch with GEORGE L DAIGH

Joan Tierney
6567 Campbell Street
Gladstone, Mo. 64118

Delores Denitt
2613 North Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV. 89108

Steve Daigh
Son of George Daigh

Christopher M. Wylie
1628 E. Palm
El Segundo, Ca. 90245

Charles Daigh
Apt 4 Vawter Street
Urbana, Ill. 61801
NO information yet
Have talked to both by phone and to George by Internet (Computer)

Glenna Feegler
724 N. Forest
Webster Grove. Mo. 63119
Found me RSL list local library St. Louis, Mo. Talked by phone and have visited her in person several times.  James of Dade Co. Mo.

Clark L. Carley
PO Box 1577
Bowling Green, Ky. 42102-1577
(502) 782-2944
E-Mail ccarley@premiernet.net

Dave Seigler
510 West Vermont St.
Urbana, Illinois. 61801

Dorothy Calkin
203 SE. 812 Road
Deepwater, Mo. 64740
Great grand daughter of Margaret Ann Daigh and Lawson H. Carley. First cousin to Clark L.Carley .

Transcribed Exactly From "Records Pages" of Family Bible

John S. Daigh and Sarah Porter
married February 12th 1835

Peter P. Daigh   Helen M. Clark
Married April 23rd 1859

John S. Daigh died
Jan 28, 1886 - Auburn, Nebr.

John S. Richards and . Louisa S. Daigh was
Married Sept. 30th. 1860
Jan 28, 1886 - Auburn, Nebr.

Sarah Daigh died Aug 12
John Samuel Richards
Spencer - Oklahoma

John Eli Daigh and
Mollie, Ill.

Helen M. Daigh died in Seattle, Washington

L. H. (Lott) CARLEY
Married Feb. 18, 1864 Wi.

L. H. Carley died in
Auburn, Nebr. July 15, 1885
(Lott stone refinished in 1993 by C.L. Carley g grand son.)

George L. Daigh and Sarah F. Nash
Married Feb 7. 1867

Sarah Nash Daigh died May 29, 1919 at Jonesville

William Henry Daigh
Emma Pettus 1874

Emma Pettus Daigh died in Keusett Ark-
Mar 17 - 1920


John Daigh
was Born February 24th
AD one Thousand Eight hundred and six

Sarah Porter was Born June 20th one Thousand Eight Hundred and fifteen

George Lewis Daigh was Born February 20th 1843

Margaret Ann Daigh was Born January 20th 1845
James H. Daigh was Born August 22nd, 1836

Peter P. Daigh was Born August 22nd, 1836

Sarah Louisa Daigh was Born July 7th AD 1839

Elizabeth Eleanor Daigh was Born October 18th 1841

John Eli Daigh  June 18th. 1847

James Helm and Peter Porter Daigh was Born August
22nd A.D. 1836

Sarah Louisa Daigh was Born July 7th A.D. 1839

Elizabeth Eleanor Daigh was Born October 18th A.D. 1841

George Lewis Daigh was Born February 20th A.D. 1843

Margaret Ann Daigh was Born January 20th A.D. 1845

John Eli Daigh was Born June 18 A.D. 1847

William Henry Carley

Margaret Ann Daigh
died in Pott. Co, Kansas Apr 26, 1925

George Lewis Daigh died in Springfield- Ill- May 21- 1925

Death of Children

James H. Daigh departed this Life October 21st 1836

Elizabeth Eleanor Daigh Departed this life October 3rd A.D. 1842

John Eli Daigh died at Redondo Beach, Cal. Thanksgiving Day 1916

William Henry Daigh died in Milwaukee Wis. Aug- 1920

Sarah Louise Daigh Richards died in Tacoma- Wash. Aug 1919

Peter Porter Daigh died in Seattle Mar. 25th 1923 Daigh was Born May 13th A.D. 1849

James M. Daigh died Dec. 1885

Daigh Family continued-part 2 of 6

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