"Tuscania, an American History" website was established in 1996. The website was first hosted by Netscape.com from 1996 to 1999. The site was moved after Netscape dropped their web hosting service. This Tuscania website was moved to 50megs.com 1999 to 2003 during which time I pieced together the Tuscania passenger list from old newspaper survivor list from multiple newspapers across the country. In 2003 the website was moved to rootsweb.com where it has remained. Starting in January 2018 Rootsweb hosting service was down for approximently six months while they fixed a security flaw in their software. In September 2018 Tuscania an American History was back online.

   As you know, from 1996 to 2019 there has been many changes to the Microsoft windows enviroment, upgrading windows also required changes to web hosting software. In some cases it has caused me to re-write everything in order to update information. Originally I used online software from Netscape, then 50megs.com. I began using Microsoft Front Page, which was by far, in my opinion the best program for a novice website designer. The end of Microsoft Windows Dos era also was the end of Frontpage. So I updated my web hosting software to Microsoft Expression Web 4, which I am currently using. For those of you whom have followed this site, you have seen a lot of changes, and changes to its format. Yes the website looked a lot better when I used frontpage, and I too am a bit disappointed that Microsoft dropped the novice friendly software. Expression web is made for people who have more advance knowledge on creating webpages, which I do not. So no fancy web page here.

    In the Autum of 2017 the National Archives released the official passenger list, and it became available on Fold3, and at Ancestry.com. Since that time I have been dilligently trying to update the names on the passenger list, adding their army serial number, and a web link to their final resting place at [FG] Find a Grave. The army serial number might help you if your trying to find the official Service Record of a Veteran at the National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, Saint Louis, MO 63138. You must mail in a SF-180 form [click here]. Most of the WW1 records were destroyed by fire in 1973, however not all of them, some were saved.

    My name is Steven Schwartz and I am the author of "Tuscania, an American History." As it turns out, I am the adopted son of a WW2 Veteran, who's father was a Tuscania survivor. In the summer of 2018 I did two DNA test, one from Ancestry, and one from 23andme. Both DNA test revealed that I am not related to my father or the Schwartz family, a fact that I was unaware of until this test. My parents passed away decades ago, never revealing this fact. Ancestry also identified my biological father, for which I am grateful. After all these years, 2019 will be the last year I update this site.

    This website focuses on one particular historical event in the First World War (1914-1918). It is an event that is remembered by many families to this day because of their family connection. To zoom in or out on a particular page, press and hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard and then press the + or - on the numerical pad to zoom in or out.

    The passenger list indicates the regiment in which these men were assigned to prior to boarding the Tuscania. When these men finally arrived in Europe, or during the course of the year of 1918, many of these men were transferred to other regiments. The passenger list also indicates the Rank of each man at the time they boarded this vessel as reported in many newspaper days after the ship was attacked. Many of the men were promoted after that event, and later in that year. Some of their tombstones indicate their final military rank.


KIA Killed in Action
MIA Missing in Action
KIA-FR Killed in Action in France
DOD-FR Died of Disease in France
DOW-FR Died of Wounds in France
DOA-FR Died of Accident in France


The German U-boat that attacked the Tuscania caused the direct and indirect deaths of the Men aboard the Tuscania. For those men who were aboard the Tuscania that were killed, whose bodies were recovered, I have marked them as KIA on the passenger list on this web site.
For the men whose bodies were never recovered, who were lost either aboard the Tuscania, or lost at Sea, I have marked them MIA on the passenger list on this web site. Their deaths can be attributed to the hostile actions of a German U-boat attack.
The Tuscania survivors that were killed in Action in France, I have marked them as KIA-FR on the passenger list.
The Tuscania survivors that had Died of Disease in France, I have marked them as DOD-FR on the passenger list.
The Tuscania survivors that Died of Wounds in France, I have marked them as DOD-FR on the passenger list.
The Tuscania survivors that Died of Accident in France, I have marked them as DOA-FR on the passenger list.

is a find-a-grave hyperlink, this symbol is found on the passenger list next to many of the men's names. Clicking on this symbol will take you to that individuals FG page.