Journey back into the time of the Gilded Age, whose time has come and gone; this was a time when society was divided by the rich and the poor. This was an age known for great Transatlantic Ocean Liners; an era that came to an end shortly after World War One. The Titanic, the Lusitania, and the Tuscania were some of the famous lost Liners during this era. This web site is dedicated to the memory of the Tuscania. The Tuscania was a luxury Ocean liner that was converted to a Troopship. It had a British registry, and crew, and was owned by the Cunard Steam Ship Company and managed by the Anchor Line.

On the evening of February 5th, 1918, a German U-boat sent the Tuscania to the bottom of the North Channel Sea. On its final voyage, the passengers aboard this vessel consisted of a large contingent of American Army soldiers. This was a story that shocked America, for it was the first time since the American Civil War, that Americans had felt the loss of mass casualties on such a large scale. The Tuscania Survivors Association was the third such Association to be formed in America, the Titanic being the first, and Lusitania being the second. Explore the history of this ship, and browse the passenger list for survivor’s accounts. 

Mile Stones

1918  Final Voyage
1920  Monument on Islay
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