The 1880 Census of Caroline County

The 1880 Census of Caroline County, Maryland


This is only a partial rendering of the 1880 Census of Caroline County, Maryland containing four of the six  Districts of the county at that time. Hopefully I will be able to transcribe the remainder soon. The Districts covered are the 1st (Templeville, Henderson, Marydel and area), the 2nd (Greensboro, Bridgetown, Ridgely and  area), the 3rd, (Denton, Burrsville, Potter's Landing and area), and the 4th ( Harmony, Bethlehem, Preston and area). The 2 remaining districts not covered herein are the 5th (Federalsburg, Smithville and area) and the 6th (Hillsboro, Tuckahoe Neck and area).

Please choose a district then use your "find" feature to locate the surname you are interested in.  I recommend that you use IE to view these records, Netscape doesn't do a good job with them. Thanks!

1st District

2nd District

3rd District

4th District

5th District

6th District





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