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Me (Parker), Caroline, Trisha and two of  our pets. I'm holding Missy, a.k.a. "Wampum Puss," a half Siamese tabby with a very short fuse, and Caroline is holding her new kitten, Mister, which she received as a gift for her fifth birthday from her cousin Jenn. We also have a Scottish Terrier named Winifred or "Winnie" alias "Pig-Dog" that does not like cats and vice versa. Taken 17 September 2000

Update: 5 January 2002; Alas, Caroline's kitten Mister is no longer with us. She now has a new kitten named Florida Oranges (Orrie for short), a Calico/Tabby with a large orange spot on her head, hence her name. Caroline is enrolled in a private Christian school and doing very well. She is in the first grade but tested at a fourth grade level in English at the completion of her kindergarten year. We are very proud of her.

Update: 22 May 2003; Caroline is about to finish her second year of elementary school. She is still attending a private Christian School in our area. She is doing very well and is an avid reader. During the winter she was reading about one book a day, chapter books that is, not "baby" books, she would like me to add. At right; Caroline and her baby, Orrie. Update: 5 June 2003; Caroline received her SAT results.  All of her scores were above her grade level but she tested highest with an 8.9 grade level in reading and 8.5 grade level in spelling and she is only 7 years old.
We are so proud of you Caroline.


Update: 29 August 2003, Caroline is about to turn 8 years old on the 1st of September. She's going to have a Sponge-Bob Square-Pants birthday party. We ventured on two vacations this summer. First to Erie, Pennsylvania and Niagara Falls, New York in June. I was able to do some research on my mother's Blessing ancestors in Erie, yippee! Then we went to Chincoteague, Virginia in mid-August. At left is Caroline on the beach at Assateague Island.

Update: 27 September 2007, As many of you know Trisha and I separated and then divorced last year. So be it, I won't defame her as she has so often done me in the past two years. Now for the good news, I have a wonderful man in my life and I am very happy. This is a picture me and Bill in Mazatlan, Mexico last Spring . We had a great time there and are planning on going to San Juan, Puerto Rico or Hawaii this Spring. Caroline is a big part of our lives, she loves Bill, calls him "Billiam."  Bill hates this picture, he says it is awful of him so I'll also show you the one below. This was at the resort where we stayed. I will also be adding Bill's ancestral lines as time permits. You all have a great day and love someone.

Update: 6 February 2008... Plans have changed, we are going to Cancun, Mexico the last of March. We are saving the trip to Hawaii for my 45th and Bill's 40th birthday next year. I can't wait for that! We are spending this Spring vacation with Bill's sister, Lori, and her boyfriend, Keith. I love you guys, you're so much fun to be around.,  :) , can't wait to see to again. Here's a pic from last Christmas taken  at a holiday party where Bill worked. We had a blast, Caroline sang Karaoke and brought down the house with her rendition of some current Country favorites. Daddy is so proud of you honey! And later a pic of all three of us shortly before we left. Caroline received her last report a short time ago and had 2 B's and the rest A's... you go Biggie, Daddy loves you.



Update: 16 October 2008, Cancun was a blast! We had great time with Lori & Keith... we all "partied like a rock star!"  We went to Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Chichen Itza on our visit. Here are Bill, Lori and Keith at the resort where we stayed. The day before we left we went to Chichen Itza. It was an awesome and very spiritual place. Here are a couple of pictures of some of the ruins there.






Ancestors of my daughter, Caroline, my partner Bill, and myself,  Parker Todd.

Parker's Lines

Aldern, Alford, Anderton, Andrew, Beauchamp, Benthall, Blades, Blanch, Blanche, Blessing, Breeding, Brohawn, Brown, Cannon, Carmine, Carmean, Carmeen, Clark, Collins, Collison, Conwell, Cornwell, Covey, Cratcher, Cremean, Cromean, Curtis, Dean, Dickerson, Dixon, Durham, Eaton, Edgell, Fleharty, Fletcher, Fluharty, Gibbons, Godard, Goddard, Gootee, Gossage, Gouty, Gowty, Granger, Green, Griffith, Hall, Harper, Harris, Hayden, Hubbard, Hunter, Insley, Johnson, Jones, Kelley, Kemp, Kirby, Mahon, Mahoun, Manship, Marine, Massey, Mayhon, Mayhoun, Meloney, Merine, Mitchell, Morgan, Morine, Nicols, Nicolls, Nichols, Noble, Parker, Parrott, Perry, Powell, Roper, Ruley, Rumbold, Selvey, Senea, Seney, Short, Smith, Steen, Stevens, Stubbs, Swiggett, Tilghman, Tillman, Todd, Vaulx, Voss, Walls, Warren, Webb, West, Wharton, Williams, Willis

Caroline's Maternal Lines

Andrew, Bradley, Brannock, Brohawn, Bromwell, Brown, Chaffinch, Coalscott, Colescott, Collins, Connelly, Cooke, Corkran, Corkrin, Dorrington, Dottando, Eccleston, Emerson, Emmerson, Fisher, Fooks, Gootee, Gouty, Gowty, Granger, Gullett, Gunn, Hambleton, Henry, Hobbs, Hopkins, Johnson, Jump, Kelley, Kennerly, Kirk, Kirke, Lake, Layton, LeCompte, Lewis, MacKeele, McKeele, McNamara, Melville, Morrison, Morriston, Nicholson, Outten, Pennawell, Pennewill, Penniwell, Perry, Pool, Poole, Pritchett, Prowt, Purnell, Ratcliff, Reed, Ricks, Rix, Robinson, Rumbold, Selby, Skinner, Smith, Spence, Spicer, Sturgis, Swiggett, Turner, Wallis, Wheeler, White, Williams, Willis, Winslow

Bill's Lines

Arnold, Brown, Campbell, Chapman, Crandall, Earl, Fish, German, LeGard, McAlpine, McCaffrey, McColl, Muir, Murry, Parker, Russell, Schrader, Turney, Weiser

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