Wills and Other Probate Records


Wills and Other Probate Records


George Andrew's Will

John Andrew's Will (d. 1763)

John Andrew's Will (d. 1786)

Ralph Colescott's Will

Andrew Collins' Will

Martha Collins' Will

 Sarah Dickerson's Probate Records

Abraham Gullett's Probate Records

George Gullett's Will

John Gullett's Will (d. 1797)

John Gullett's Probate Records (d. 1821)

 Cornelius Johnson's Will

 Harman Johnson's Will

Olive Jump's Probate Records

Richard Meloney's Probate Records

John Mitchell's Will (Worcester Co., MD)
David Pennewill's Will

Jonathan Powell's Probate Records 

Joseph Powell's Will 

William Powell's Will 

Ann Short's Will 

Daniel Swiggett's Will

James Swiggett's Will (d. 1812) 

 James Swiggett's Inventory (d. 1838)

Henry Swiggett's Will 

Benjamin Todd's Distribution

David Todd's Will

Levin Todd's Probate Records

Michael Todd's Probate Records

William Todd's Probate Records

Thomas Turner's Will

William Walls' Probate Records

Rebecca Walker's Will 

David Wharton's Probate Records
Ebe Wharton's Probate Records 
Hinmon Wharton's Probate Records 
John Wharton's Probate Records 


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