Some Interesting Facts About Me

As a descendant of Charlemage, William the Conqueror and Edward III of England, I have joined the hundreds of thousands who can prove their royal descent to the Plantagenets. I have proved that I am a 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Below is a list of the kings and queens across Europe that I am descended from in the last 29 generations.

Alfonso I, King of Portugal11091185
Louis VII, King of France11201180
Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany11221190
Henry II, King of England11331189
Sancho III, King of Castile11341158
Fernando II, King of León11371188
Béla III, King of Hungary11481196
Alfonso II, King of Aragón11521196
Alfonso VIII, King of Castile11551214
Isaakios II Angelos, Byzantine Emperor11561204
Philip Augustus II, King of France11651223
John I, King of England11661216
Alfonso IX, King of León11711230
Pedro II, King of Aragón11741213
Andrew II, King of Hungary11751235
Louis VIII, King of France11871226
Fernando III, King of Castile11991252
Theobald I, King of Navarre12011253
Henry III, King of England12071272
James I, King of Aragón12081276
Louis IX, King of France12151270
Charles I, King of Sicily and Naples12261285
Stephen V, King of Hungary12391272
Edward I, King of England12391307
Henry I, King of Navarre12441274
Philip III, King of France12451285
Charles II, King of Naples12451309
Edward II, King of England12841327
Philip IV, King of France12931350
Jeanne I, Queen of Navarre13121349
Edward III, King of England13121377