Plain Jane's II

I have a lot of information for several families I have been researching for many years.  I am going to post it here for you to use as you wish.  Much of it is large so it will take a long time to download if you use a dial up connection. 

If you wish to have a copy of the image, just right click on the image and choose save as and you should be able to download it. 

I am also going to post pictures of many different people you may want or not.  Just enjoy what you want.

I have been very ill for about six years and unable to fix the other site.  I decided to separate the  stuff into two sites as it might be easier to use.

This site is not finished yet.  I have lots of other information that I am going to go thru and post as I go along.  Pictures, wills, estates - things of that nature, so check back once in a while.

Carol Miller

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