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Day, Allen, Williams, Klein, Bigelow and More of Our Family

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Updated tree includes birth and death dates for descendants of Albermarle Williams and Ruth Goodrich
(thanks to Cate Culver who sent me a detailed family record kept by Kenneth Shepherd Williams)

New information in the Williams Family Line article regarding Plyn Williams (Thanks to Lauren Bartlett and new military records)

Updated image of Bartlett family to include names and ages. (Thanks to Lauren Bartlett)

Last Will & Testament of Augustus S. Bigelow, dated 4 November 1864

Last Will & Testament of Samuel Bigelow, dated 11 October 1862

This genealogy website is devoted to the research of my family history. It follows the lines of my grandparents, and several lines that branch off of them. Primary surnames that are being researched include:


Genealogy research, and even history in general, is not an exact science and I cannot state that any or all of this information is absolutly true beyond a shadow of a doubt. I cite sources when available and I am always trying to confirm links I have made. Much of the information, of course, is handed down by living relatives, otherwise I have gleaned relevant links from other published trees confirming as best possible through census research etc. If anyone notices an error or has anything new to tell me, please email me!

Click the links above for interesting information that I hope will help put a story behind all the names and dates.

The entire genealogy file can be seen by clicking the link below:


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Our family in the US Federal Census - transcriptions of some of our family members as I have found them in the US Federal Census. Now available: 1870, 1880.
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