Carpentieri and Moskal Families  



Louis Carpentieri
Emilia Moskal

This is the beginning of the Carpentieri - Moskal Family Memories.   Louie and Lottie raised two children - Richard (deceased) and Theresa (who now lives in Florida).

As we would like to share memories of the past, you may have some additional information that would be of great importance to the rootsweb communities, as well as to this site.  We hope to jog the memories of you folks out in "Rootsland" which would help this site and others expand on their family trees.  If any of my family members and/or friends would like to have their Family Trees and/or memories tied into this site, please email me so we can "get it together."

Your help would be greatly appreciated.  With your help this will be a site to last for generations to come.  I would also like to share my husband's family website with my readers....

Thank you,
Theresa (Carpentieri) Douglass

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