Carrington Connections

Descendants of Dr. Peter Carrington b 1662 in New Haven, Connecticut
and related families

Whittlesey Ancestors Dudley Ancestors

John WHITTLESEY (1623) m Ruth DUDLEY (1645)

Samuel WHITTLESEY (1686) m Sarah CHAUNCEY (1683) Chauncey Ancestors and Kings of England

Samuel WHITTLESEY (1713) m Susannah NEWTON (1715) Newton and BRYAN and HOOKER Ancestors

Susannah WHITTLESEY (1747) m Edward CARRINGTON (1747)

Dr. Peter Carrington and Ann Wilmot

John and Joan Carrington, possible parents of Peter Carrington

Pomeroy Ancestors and Starr Ancestors

Susannah STARR m Henry CARRINGTON (1781)

Nathan Starr CARRINGTON (1816) m Laura BUTLER (1820)

William Henry CARRINGTON I (1856) m Elanor PLANK (1861) Plank Ancestors

Mabel Lucretia CARRINGTON (1889) (with photos) m Ruben EBERSOLE (1882)

Bessie B. CARRINGTON (1890) m Andrew BARBER (1889)

Laura Eunice CARRINGTON (1892) m Jacob RICKETTS (1882) including LINK and FOX

William Henry CARRINGTON II (1895) m Fern HAMILTON (1895)

Myrtle Stella CARRINGTON (1902) m Harold REEDER

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