Virtual Tour of the Lehigh Canal, Mauch Chunk to Easton, Pennsylvania

The Lehigh Canal

The Lehigh Canal
An Introduction


1872 print of Mauch Chunk that appeared in the Picturesque America travel magazine.




The Lehigh Canal begins at Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania and travels south and east to the confluence of the Lehigh River and the Delaware River. The canal covered a distance of 46 miles consisting of eight sections and 52 locks. This site presents a brief history of the Lehigh Canal and then is followed by a 'Virtual Tour'. The 'Virtual Tour' is image intensive. The Virtual Tour is just that, a tour of each lock on the length of the canal as it exist today, in the twenty-first century. All images have, however, been optimized for the internet and thus should load a little faster. The images have also been reduced in size to facilitate ease of loading. But, the pages will still require some time to properly load. So, if you view this portion of the site, you will have to be patient. It is suggested that you view the Lehigh Canal portion of the Carr / Leith Family history site only if you have some time. There were many photo opportunities on the canal and each lock visited was photographed from various angles, thus, there are lots and lots of photographs. For the purist among those that visit, each and every photograph can be enlarged for a closer inspection. This will, of course, increase the wait time.

While I think the tour can be an enjoyable experience for the average internet surfer, and while I like to think that it would be a worthwhile endeavor, (I am biased), it is not something that you would want to undertake or tackle if you are in a hurry or need to be someplace else or need to attend to other more important matters. So, if you are just passing through and you are not prepared to stay awhile; if your not ready to take the time to fully explore the canal, then perhaps you should just move on and return sometime when you have more time. This could be classified as a 'rainy day project'.

We want your visit to the Carr / Leith site to be a pleasant one. We want you to leave feeling good about the experience. If you leave feeling frustrated and in a bad mood, then we have failed in our mission and we created the wrong mood and the wrong impression. That was never our intent. So...if you are not prepared to take the tour and willing to devote your time and energies to exploring it to the fullest, please go away! Yes, go away and come again some other day.

As indicated, all the images have been reduced in size for ease of loading. However, to fully appreciate the scenery and the detail that is lost by virtue of the reductions, you can click on any image and view an enlargement (800 X 600 pixels). A number of the images are worthy of a closer inspection. The enlargement will open in a new window and it will be slow to load, you can count on it! Such is life for those of us who do not have access to a digital, high speed, connection. Once you open a new window, to return to the tour, just close the new window.

Well, I think that covers it. Enjoy!

History and Virtual Tour of the Lehigh Canal

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