THE GREENE CO., TN, CARTERS from CARTERS OF GREENE CO., TN, by John Denton Carter (have copy) and McCAMMON-CARTER and RELATED FAMILIES by Ruth Rowley (1989) (have copy) and Personal Research

These CARTER brothers allegedly originated in NJ---- migrated 1770 to Monongalia Co., VA (Now W. VA)

1777 to Surry Co., NC

1780 to Washington Co., NC Tax List (Became Greene Co., TN 1783)

Col. John CARTER (sons: John Jr., Jacob, Daniel, James. daughters: Rebecca Hardin Ross, Eleanor Cain and Dorthy Goodin)

note: Jacob was ancestor of above John Denton Carter, pension records say Jacob was b. in New Jersey

CALEB CARTER (Most researchers say he is son of below Levy Sr.---he is too old. If Levy Sr. was b. 1736, married at age 20, had a son 1757, then the son would have been age 15 in 1772, when Caleb CARTER received 200 acres in Monongalia Co., VA!!)

LEVY CARTER SR. supposedly b. ca 1736 in WALES (Not documented, more likely NJ or ENGLAND) WIFE WAS Susanna (Children: Caleb, Levi Jr., John, Jesse, Joseph, Elijah, Susanna Templeton, Rachel Hartley and maybe Nathan)

Look at the marriage dates of these children, all in 1790's and after 1800---were they b. 1770's , or all just got married much LATER than was usual in those days???





We have notation of a land record dated 1765, HAMPSHIRE CO., VA (Now W.VA) for a CALEB CARTER No one can identify him. This is between NJ and Monongalia Co., VA!!!


THESE CARTERS FROM NEW JERSEY WERE IN MONONGALIA CO., VA (Now W.VA) by land records of 1770 and Dunmore's War records,

1774-75 CALEB - 1772, 200 acres on Scott's Mill Run

1774, in Dunmore's War JOHN CARTER SR. - in 1770, 327 acres

JOHN CARTER JR. - in Dunmore's War 1774 (pension record)

LEVY CARTER - in 1775, 400 acres - in Dunmore's War 1774