W.T. Bolding




W.T. Bolding is still a mystery to me.   I do know he married Dovey/Darcy Ann Woods. 

This information was taken from the death certificate of their daughter,  my maternal great grandmother, Elizabeth Bowling.  

The name changes around in this immediate family more than I have seen.  Usually,  this is a slow process,  done over a couple of families.  This is indicated where it was known.

The children of W T Bolding and Dovey/Darcy are taken from obituary notices of what children I have found,  they are as follows:


Name Birth Death Notes
Missouri  1872   December 9, 1948 She was married to John Gravitt  b 1849.  She was living in Gordon Co., GA at the time of her death,  with her sister Elizabeth Allen.  Missouri is buried at Franklin Cemetery according to her obituary,  however, there is no marker there.
Lon B. Bolling 1883  January 28, 1937 He died from injuries sustained from a falling tree,  he worked for a local sawmill in Gordon Co., GA  In his obituary it is indicated he was buried at Franklin Cemetery,  but there is no marker
Alec/Alex T Bolding 
In 1956 he was living in Calhoun, GA. 
Elizabeth A. August 22, 1887 December 14, 1956  She was married to Marcus Lafayette Allen b.  1861  d 1951   This is my maternal line.  They are buried at Franklin Cemetery in Calhoun, GA.
She was alive in 1956 as she is mentioned in Elizabeth's obituary.  Lucy married a Barnes,  and was living in Jacksonville, Fla  at that time.