Cornelius Burns




Cornelius Burns was born December 5, 1811 in York District, South Carolina.      Cornelius' first wife was Minerva C. Nevill married October 27, 1839, in Bartow County, GA.   

Minerva was the daughter of James B Nevill and Eliza Burns of SC, born in Rabun County, GA on June 23, 1830. 

Cornelius and Minerva later moved on to Gordon County,  in the Rocky Creek District off Everett Springs Road.  Some of the Family still live in the house Cornelius built in 1852.  There were about 10 children born to Cornelius and Minerva,    I only know of a few.


Children Born Died Notes
Charles Lee Burns   February 24, 1841  December 18, 1933  married Susan A. ? b. July 28, 1842  d June 12, 1916 
W.H. James Burns   November 13, 1842  February 17, 1927   
Matilda Addeline  December 31, 1848 March 23, 1926   
Eliza C. Burns   April 27, 1854  May 6, 1908  buried at West Union Baptist Cemetery
Robert Burns


Minerva died on June 9, 1897.   Cornelius remarried to Harriett Talley on October 7, 1897. Harriet was born in 1856 and was the daughter of Martin Bird Talley and Rachel Miller.  Cornelius died on October 28, 1897, shortly after the marriage.  It is told Harriett never remarried.   At the time of their marriage Harriett was 40 years old and Cornelius was 86 years old.   According to his obituary he was found in his barn dead from an apparant heart attack.  Harriet died in 1925 and is buried at New Zion Baptist Church on Hwy 156 in Gordon Co., GA.