Perry Duane Casey




Perry Duane Casey was born in Adairsville, GA on March 29, 1867.  He is the son of Francis Marion Casey and Elizabeth Aycock.  He died in Cartersville, GA on March 18, 1941 of Pneumonia.  He married twice.  First to Mary Emma Manning on Jan 24, 1889. 

Emma was born Aug. 21, 1864 and died May 18, 1900 and was  the daughter of George Martin Manning and Frances Rebecca Wright.  Emma and P.D. (as he was called) had three children before she died in 1900.

Note:  The name Duane is pronounced, at least in my family as "Do Ann"  not Dwayne.


Children Born Died Notes
Alline L November  1890
Bessie U.  November 1895
Howell Fite  January 31, 1898 April  12, 1974 m Mae A.
After Emma died, P.D. married Basolean Johnson, daughter of A.O Johnson and Rachel I McGuire.  The date of marriage is unknown.   Basolean and P D had five children.
Born Died Notes
Clifford Duane
Nov. 11, 1901 April 2, 1958 m  Dewey Grace Fowler   These are my grandparents
Aug. 22, 1904 Dec. 17, 1992 m  Edgar Buck
May 25, 1906  July 2, 1998 m  Louie Atkinson
William Taft  Mar. 28, 1909   June 6, 2000  
Alfred Colman Mar. 28, 1909 December 2003