Homework Quarters

Homework Quarters

Alright I have just gone and done it! I'll be beginning classes to become a registered nurse within the next 6 mos. I feel so awesome! I have this huge feeling of accomplishment with just getting myself signed up! Here on this page which is only for myself at the moment, will reside a host of things designed by me. I feel this will be a very important useful resource in the coming months.

On it I hope to include such things as a current assignment listing, a calendar sort of organizer and a listing of assignment and reports from the past. A history listing that will go from the beginning to the present.

In Progress...

The FAFSA money will be processed very shortly meaning I can go to school as soon as the next term begins. I am in the process of buying a new computer capable of running what I need for the several months worth of extensive usage for college.

< still messing about with coding...  ::  nothing to see here. Resist the urge to click on a non working link will ya!