Joe Hirsch's Home Page

Joe Hirsch's Home Page

When I retired in 1990 we decided to find out something about our heritage. All I knew was that I had some cousins in Evansville, IN so that is where I started. I located a cousin in Evansville and that got us started. We spent many days in Willard Library and found a wealth of information: census records, birth records, marriage records, death records, obits(courtsey of Browning), etc. There was a book title "From Cornfields to Concrete" that was very helpful. Also a cousin Wilma Hirsch Uberhol wrote a book that included much of the information I'm presenting. We visited cemeteries, court houses, libraries, national archives, etc and that is the source of the information in my file. There are two Hirsch families that came from Bayern. Daniel and Jacobus, my line. The consensus is that Daniel and Jacobus are brothers, but no proof has been found. I started with my direct line but decided to include Daniel's line as well. Of course, all the information is not proven so use it cautiously. Any additions or corrections would be appreciated. Much of the information has been given out over the years so you may see duplication in other sites

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