Cari’s Family Forest
Cari Taplin
Thank you for visiting my research site. I have been researching my family history since 2000. It all began when I was told by my family that we were related to Roy Rogers. I went to work, diligently seeking the connection. I won’t tell you how that story ends only to say that it ends like many other famous ancestor searches.

My 4 grandparent surnames are: Miller, Dimick, Businger and Sly. Other prominently researched surnames of interest: Kindervater, Urban, Holzhauer, Brand, Harrison, Long, Mitchell, Meeker, Miley and Avery.

This site is intended to share my research and is in no way claiming to be completely “correct” … simply sharing the clues I have found so far along the journey hoping that maybe someone out there has different clues that we can put together and solve the puzzle. If you have more information or would like to compare notes, simply email me and we can see what we’ve got and if we are related.