Catey Genealogy

Catey Genealogy














Descendants of Henry Catey (c1776-1850)

and Jane Fenimore (d. 1859)*

*Source: The Cateys in America: A Typical Pioneer Family, by Lloyd A. Catey, 1949.


Henry and Jane's ten children were:

John B. Catey (b. 1803) m. Sarah Lewis Harris

Oliver Catey (Civil War Soldier)

Jane Catey

Stacey B. Catey

Orlista R. Catey (Civil War Soldier)

Margaret Catey

Milton Catey Civil War Soldier)

Rebecca Catey

Hannah Catey

Axelinna Catey


Rebecca Ann Catey (b. 1804) m. David Rippey

Henry Rippey

William Rippey

Mary Jane Rippey

Samuel Rippey

Lida Rippey

John Rippey

Charles D. Rippey


Stacey B. Catey (1806-1893)

Stacey B. Catey m1. Sarah Ferguson and had ten children. He m2. Elizabeth Jeffries Rippey, widow of Joseph Rippey, and had one more child. Elizabeth's sons were Will Rippey, James Allen Rippey (Civil War soldier), Matthew Rippey (Civil War soldier), John Rippey and Milton Rippey. Four of Stacey's sons, four stepsons, and two sons-in-law served in the Civil War. He and his second wife are buried in Ira, Iowa. His eleven children were:

Elmira Catey (1830-1920)

Elmira married Hugh M. Scott, a veteran of the Mexican War, in Wayne County, Indiana. They settled first near Leesburg in Plain Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana, then bought farmland in Benton County, Indiana, near Oxford, where they raised their family. Their children were Alfred B. Scott, Stacy C. Scott, John Franklin Scott, and Mary L. "Mada" Scott who m. Oliver W. Chesnut. Two children, Emma and Arthur, died young.


John Catey (1831-1926)

Henry Catey (1834-1913)

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Naomi Catey (1836-1925)  m. Hannibal Barnett (Civil War soldier)

Louisa Catey (1838-1918) m. John Wesley Lank (Civil War soldier)

Charles Catey (Civil War soldier) (1841-1880) m. Mollie Dorsey

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Wilson S. Catey (Civil War soldier) (1842-1864)

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Allen Catey (Civil War soldier) (1844-1938) m. Maria Ralston

Winfield Scott Catey (Civil War soldier) 1847-1912) m. Mary E. Kuhns

Mary E. Catey (1849-1937) m. Cyrus Long

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Eva Catey (b. 1854) m. Horace Smith


Miriam Catey (1808-1855) m. Christian Edman

Catherine Edman

Thomas Edman

Stacy Edman

Elizabeth Edman

David Edman

Milton Edman

Christina Edman


William B. Catey (b. 1812) m. Sarah

Moses D. Catey (Civil War soldier)

George W. Catey (Civil War soldier)

William Henry "Big Hank" Catey (Civil War soldier) (1847-1919)

Rachel Catey

Louisa Catey

Eliza Catey

Samuel Catey

Jonah Catey

John B. Catey


Hannah Catey (b. 1815) m. William Rosebrook

Elizabeth Catey (b. 1817) m. Milton Jeffries

Henry Jeffries (Civil War soldier)

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Frank Jeffries (Civil War soldier)

Allen Jeffries (Civil War soldier)

James Jeffries


Charles B. Catey (b. 1819)

Elizabeth Catey

Rebecca Catey

Joe Catey (Civil War soldier)


Richard B. Catey (died in infancy)

Samuel B. Catey (b. 1824) m. Pricilla Mullen

Christian E. Catey

Orlando Catey (Civil War soldier)

Christianna Catey

Martha Catey

Adeline Catey

Stacy Catey



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