The Catey Family Letters

The Catey Family Letters


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Henry Catey (c1776-1850) and Jane Fenimore (d. 1859)*

*Source: The Cateys in America: A Typical Pioneer Family, by Lloyd A. Catey, 1949.

Henry Catey was born in Hamburg, Germany, about 1776 and migrated to the United States in 1797 when he was 21 years old. He settled in Burlington County, New Jersey, where in 1802 he married Jane Fenimore. Eight of their ten children were born there before they migrated to Wayne County, Indiana, in 1820. Henry and Jane are buried in the old Concord Cemetery near Carlos, Indiana.

Although both Henry and Jane died before the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, the war was to have devastating effects on their children and grandchildren. Of their seventeen grandsons and step-grandsons who enlisted as soldiers, eight of them died. Henry and Jane also had a son-in-law killed in the war.

Granddaughter Elmira Catey Scott and her husband Hugh M. Scott of Benton County, Indiana, received many letters from her brothers and cousins and from other friends and neighbors who were off soldiering in the Union army. Elmira kept many of those letters, as well as letters from her sisters, letters from her brother Henry who went off to California in search of gold, business letters to her husband, and later letters from her own children.

A collection of Elmira's letters are soon to be published in book form. The editors, Carolyn Bridge Dennis and Marilyn Bridge Brown, would like to contact any descendants of these Catey Civil War soldiers and their Rippey and Jeffries cousins.

Carolyn Bridge Dennis            Marilyn Bridge Brown



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