Will of James Burchell RICHARDSON

Will of James Burchell RICHARDSON
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Will of James Burchell RICHARDSON

James Burchell/Burchill RICHARDSON (ca 1770 - 1836), was Govenor of SC from 1802 - 1804.  He was the son of Gen Richard RICHARDSON of Revolutionary War fame and Dorothy SINKLER.  A lifelong resident of then Sumter District, SC, he penned his will 25 Aug 1826, and died in 1836, leaving thousands of acres of land and hundreds of slaves to be divided between his wife (and 2nd cousin) Anne Cantey SINKLER RICHARDSON and his 7 children.  What follows is an extraction of the slaves and plantations mentioned by name in his 15 page will.  In 1860, his two sons owned over 300 slaves, and together with other descendants of Gen Richardson  owned well over 1000 slaves, some of which
may have been my ancestors.  Descendants of these slaves still reside in the Clarendon County/Sumter County area today.  Note that this list does not mention all slaves owned by James B. Richardson, but only those mentioned by name is his will.

Willed to wife, Anne Cantey Richardson
Moses, Landon, Lucy, Eve, Harriett the cook, Elsey,
Fanny, Nareba, Binag, Olivia, Driver January, Malsey,
little Harry, Sofley, Patt, Plinny (sp?), Rolla,
Turkey, Mary, Ned - Carpenter, Hostler Ned, Amelia,,
Harrington, Phillis,Fiscal ,Efsui (sp?), John Smith
Aphud, Quize, Ton, Clafs, Dollald (Sp?), Smart,
Mudge, Old Zilpha,

Willed to son William H. B. Richardson
** trusty servant Moses ("...at the decease of my beloved wife...")
Stumpes, Jim, Lewis, Taylor, Abraham, Gowan,
Wharton, Dick Bricklayer, George carpenter,  Robin carpt.,
Prince carpt., Len fifer (sp?), Adam,
October Smith, Elsey, Louisa, Augustus, Irined (sp?),
Billy, Tober, Judy, Torah, Aggy,  Dianna, Isabel,
Trent, Patroon, Sally, Phillis, Leah, Quaccoo, Lusey,
Nancy, Guy, Lizzy, Milla, Peggy, Carolina, Bob ? ?,
Sam , Grum

** "...at the decease of my beloved wife, I will and devise my said
servant Moses (who has attended me from early life with much fidelity
and devotion to my interest) to my beloved son William H. B. Richardson,
& request that he be provided with a suit of mourning, & that he be
kindly treated by them & be indulged in any little privileges that will
add to his comfort & happiness."

Willed to son Richard Charles Richardson
Bifa, Edward, John deBoso (DuBose?), Peter Simms,
Peter Downer, Willis, Patsey, Clarentine, Frederick bricklayer,
January carperter, Paris, Big Grace, Elvira,
Phillis, little Jane, Andrewcale, Orvil, Bout Ben, Romeo,
Blk Rachel Jr Cook, Almedia, Duke, Clarisssa, little Kent,
Will Hampton driver, Henry, Milly, Peter, Penny,
Doll, Little Syke, Isams, ?, Edmunds

Willed to daughter Dorothy Sinkler Mitchell
yellow Rachel, Tyrah, judy, Anna, little Primus, Peter Servant
Belvidere Adam, Delia, Carolina, Bilot, Hagar, little Mary
Clinton, Sylvester, little Carolina, Driver Simon, Celia, Lydia
Boson, Wallis, Nelly, Amy, Kesoh, little George, Isaac Tiger
big Jenny, little Jenny

Willed to daughter Margaret Cantey Spann
Hetty, Peter, Jeffrey, Arthur, Adair, Judy, Rose, Martha
Peggy, Mary, Charlotte, Mary

Willed to daughter Sarah Jane Cidelia Moore
Mariah, November, Nelly, Martin, Priscilla, Betty
Simon, Diana, Libby, Nancy, Adam, Lavenia, Daniel
Abby, Harriett, Sam, Ann, Charles, Luwarrow
Plenty, Dembo, Jesse, Dublin, Nero, Nappy, Toney
Annis, Sarus, Milly, Dido, Hagar, Florah

Willed to daughter Hermione Richardson
Hannah, Lilly, Amey, Oliver, Reuben, William
little Rachel, Delia, Tom (McDuffie her aunt not included)

Willed to daughter Anna Julia Richardson
Indrum, Allis

Willed to grandson William H. B. Richardson Mitchell
Hunter, Phillis, little Prince, Frank

Plantations bequeathed in will
Manor Plantation
Rocks Plantation
Brush Ponds Plantation
Jacks Creek Plantation
Sand Hills Summer Residence
Fiscal Plantation

from Mississippi State University