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Other Cathcart-related SURNAMES

Blain(e), Brice, Clowney,  Copeland, Foster, Frampton, Ketchin, Lawton,, Madden, McCreight, McMaster, McQuiston, Muller, Rivers, Sineath, Sterling, Varn, Winborn

  • RootsWeb GEDCOM  This is the link to the  "Cathcart Family Tree (jcath)" genealogy file submitted to RootsWeb.
  • The Earliest Cathcarts - Use this page to see a graph showing the first Cathcarts (including whom I refer to as the "Big Four" Cathcart brothers.  These brothers have been mentioned in several sources (including John Sterling Cathcart's work).  The chart comes from a letter Robert Spann Cathcart III wrote to Ross & Lola Keys back in 1964, outlining his research into the Cathcarts from Ireland.  You can click on a name of interest to go to that area of my database.
  • Descendant Reports ("Big Four") (All from my GEDCOM published on RootsWeb)

New Developments/Discoveries

  •   NEW Cathcart yDNA Study  Thanks to the efforts of Raymond Cathcart, we have an on-going DNA project to help place the various Cathcart lines.  Here's a link to the public page of the website:

    •  Cathcart yDNA Project this link will open up a new window on the website.

    •   Please feel free to visit the site... and PLEASE participate!  The more data we collect, the better able we are to link the various Cathcart lines together.

    •   If you have any questions, please contact me or Raymond.

  •   William Cathcart.  I'm starting to believe that I may have misidentified the descendants of William & Mary Cathcart (many of whom settled in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina) as being closely related to our own Winnsboro line of Cathcarts.  I was (and still am) looking for the "missing William" who shows up in Robert Spann Cathcart's research.  See the "Early Cathcarts" page to see which William I'm referring to.  I'm creating a new William page to track the possible candidates.

  •   Timeline.  In an effort to straighten out all the Cathcarts who arrived in the Piedmont area near Fairfield County, SC, I am creating a timeline for placing different Cathcarts in various locations through time.  It's a work in progress, so please let me know if you find any errors/omissions or have any comments.

  •   New Wills, Deeds, and Other Document Transcriptions.  I have started adding information from recent trips to South Carolina.  See the document below for transcriptions of various documents.  I have digital photos or paper copies of all documents transcribed in this document (which, for the time being, is in MS Word format)

  •   David Cathcart's movements between Illinois and South Carolina.  I have found documents that may lead to a link between this line of Cathcarts and our own.  David sold hundreds of acres of land in Chester County to his son Joseph, Sr. (and to others) in 1802-1807 and again in 1821.  I see other purchases by our line of Cathcarts (James, Sr. and Robert) starting in 1824.  Remembering that most of our line came to Winnsboro about this time, I feel sure that we may find a connection.

  •   Religious background.  I have found two sources showing the history of the Covenanters, the Associate Reformed Presbyterians, and others.  We have at least two Reverends closely related to our Cathcarts: 

    • Rev. Thomas Donnelly, Sr.  his son married John Cathcart's daughter Mary Ann.

    • Rev. Campbell Madden, Sr. married James Sr.'s daughter Jane.

    After researching the early religious history of the period, we should be able to get a better idea of their lives.  In addition, we may learn for sure why James Sr.'s son John (and his wife Mary Harper and family) left South Carolina for Illinois.  

    See the following pages for more information:

Please help me out!!  I'd appreciate any corrections/comments/suggestions!




Other Cathcart-related Websites/Genealogical Databases

  • James T. Cathcart Website  Website of Cathcart information and genealogical listings.  Includes:

    • Coat of Arms

    • Cathcart Peerage Listing

    • Cathcart Castle & History

    • Genealogies

      • Samuel Cathcart (arrived in Charles Town in 1768.  As far as I know, not in my line of Cathcarts)

      • John Cathcart (Arrived in York County, SC in 1783.  Based on information from Robert Spann Cathcart II research, this line does connect with my line, and has been included in my data.)

Similar information to above site. Author: Margie Kithcart-Padgitt.

Includes info on Cathcart Castle, heraldry, arms and history.  I don't have anything that links us here yet -- but I'm working on it. 

Although we do not descend from the immediate branch listed on this site, there are three pages in a Newsletter that cover the Early History of the Cathcart Name, Cathcart Castle, and other interesting information.  Created by Bill Parmer.

by John Cantzon Foster (Word format)


What Life was like "Back Then"
Stories, Anecdotes, Diaries, Interviews, etc.

Transcribed by John V. Cathcart from six volumes of a journal kept throughout the life of Jane "Janie" Lawton Varn.  From the first entry on March 19, 1886 to her last entry May 2, 1955, you get a wonderful insight into the life and times of this incredible woman.  

  • Interviews from the Works Projects Administration (WPA) Federal Writers' Project.  These interviews are located (or taken from) the Library of Congress' American Life Histories website.  The interviews were written for the Folklore Project.  See the link above for more information about this interesting source of historical material.

    • Thomas Madden Cathcart  The interview was conducted on June 28th, 1938.  This is a fascinating look into the past!

    • James E. Coan  (b. 1865, father of Elizabeth, who married John Harris Cathcart).  The interview was conducted on January 31st, 1941.  Especially noteworthy are his descriptions of the cotton business and his thoughts about lynching. 

    • Sam T. Clowney  Sam T. Clowney (1863-1942) was the son of Moses Clowney.  1939 Interview Title "From Farming to Politics" given under the pseudonym Sam T. Colin. 

    • Warren Harvey Flenniken Although not related, Harvey's father was a pastor of the ARP Church in Hopewell.  The interview was given in October of 1940, when he was 89 years old--the last surviving Confederate soldier in Fairfield County.  His descriptions of life, school, and family in Fairfield County are very interesting.  He mentions Mr. R. W. Brice as succeeding his father as pastor at the ARP Church.

    • Mr & Mrs Robert Gooding  Mrs. Gooding's father (Henry Laurens Elliot) married Mary McMaster and Tirzah Ketchin.  They give interesting genealogical details and accounts of life in Winnsboro after the Civil War.

Account by Mrs. William Turner Cathcart (nee Fannie Alice "Allie" Cox) describing her family's move from Illinois to southwest Missouri in 1867.  This is from George Kysor's website.  Allie is George's maternal great-grandmother, who descends from John Cathcart (brother of Samuel, Matthew and James Sr., the "Big Four").  See also George's RootsWeb database, and his data on "The Cathcart Story," which includes data on descendants of John Cathcart.


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