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A Letter about John Ross from James Ross

(Another letter from the Revolutionary War file of John Ross. This is a letter of inquiry from great grandson James Ross. It was typed on his letterhead: Bruce, Lawrence, Ross & Block located in Manila. Does anyone have any information about which line this James Ross come from? J. W.)

Bruce, Lawrence, Ross & Block
Cable Address: SEVANS Western Union Code
Manila, February 29, 1912

The Commissioner of Pensions,
Department of the Interior,
Washington, D. C.


My great-grandfather, John Ross, served during the Revolutionary War as an officer of Pennsylvania troops. According to the best information available, he held the rank of Lieutenant and Quartermaster during the years 1776 and 1777. He subsequently lived in Harrison County, Ohio, where he died in 1833. For the purpose of establishing my eligibility to membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, I desire to obtain my ancestorís war record, and if you will kindly certify to such facts as appear in the records of your department I shall esteem it a great favor, and shall be pleased to remit the amount of such fees as are chargeable under the rules of your office.

I beg to remain
Very respectfully, yours,
James Ross
Box 781