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A Letter about John Ross from Norman M. Wolfe

(Another letter—written in 1912—from the Revolutionary War file of John Ross. Norman Wolfe, a lawyer from Mansfield, Ohio wrote on his official letterhead asking for information on behalf of his wife and one of her sisters, who were descendants. Interestingly, two families of those descendants have recently renewed the families’ acquaintances through genealogy research. Mr. Wolfe’s wife was Nancy Jane (Jennie) Leiter Wolfe, and the other sister mentioned in the letter was Dora Leiter Rist from Yakima, Washington. Another sister Sophia Leiter Pritchard also lived in Washington state and became a member of D. A. R. based on her relationship to John Ross.

J. W.)

Norman M. Wolfe
Mansfield, Ohio
Sept. 14” 1912.

Department of the Interior,
Bureau of Pensions,
Washington, D. C.


Mrs. W. is a descendant of John Ross, I believe I have the surname correct, was a soldier of the Revolution and I believe, received a pension from the government. I have information that his widow probably also received a pension—I think her name was Charlotte. This soldier was enlisted as I am informed, from Pennsylvania. Probably when applied for pension, was a resident of Harrison Co. Ohio. I have his number in the Bureau as I777598, which may be helpful to the department in procuring the information asked for. We would like to procure his history as disclosed in your department and also if his widow has a history there, would like hers also. I am not advised what the rules of the department are as to furnishing such information, but whatever charges are made I will gladly remit. If copies are furnished could I have duplicate certified copies of both, one for Mrs. Wolfe and the other for a sister of hers, residing at N. Yakima, Washington?

With great respect,
I am truly,
N. M. Wolfe,
Mansfield. Ohio.