Germans From Russia

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About Russia and the Germans

About Catherine The Great

Catherine The Great's Manifesto

Revelations from the Russian Archives
German-Russian Settlement Map

Map of Glueckstal Colonies

About Germanic Naming Patterns

Gregorian/Julian Calendars

Double Dating - Gregorian/Julian Calendars

Double Dating - the calendar kind

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Where to find information!

Odessa Digital Library
Glueckstal Colonies Research Association
Germans from Russia Heritage Society
GRHS - Logan County Area Coordinator
American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
Germans from Russia Heritage Collection (NDSU)
Institute for Regional Studies (NDSU)

InfoUkes - Canadian Germans from Russia
St. Joseph's Colony, Saskatchewan, Canada
Logan County, ND (By American History & Genealogy Project)

US GenWeb Logan County Site
US GenWeb Stutsman County
Volga Colony Volmer-German From Russia

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