it is necessary to fly


the little old Ek


old Latvians tell

the soul is an old Tom Thumb

he leave us when we die

the child in me saw a little old man in me

I think he will be a child before I die



near things


it says SPLASH-SH when I tramp the water

and SSWUP SWUP when I walk

grandpa say there are OWLUP in the woods

they haul uhuu uh-huu

then I am afraid

why grandpa fly



why do Grandpa fly


asked the little bright eyed Blondie

I took the little warm hand

mucky with earth and caramel

we flew to Orion old giant in space

we rested for short in his belt

then a wild ride to north

we rode Little Bear

she wanted a swim with Dolphin

and just a little play with the fox Kiel


the grumbling one in the belly

asked for food

we headed for the old Lady

we met dolphin Jolly Dolly

hello I am Jolly Dolly

why do you fly Jolly Dolly

thinking she hide for the net in seas

where fishermen get dolphins

when fishing the marlin


OH, Boy, I am making the very big loop

plainly I am looping the loop ... YAHOO

the old man in seas is sick

it is something with his belly

filled with radiac and human waste

Yeah old man, I go maniac when I go radiac

loook at this


the looping Jolly Dolly

did the ultimate loop over land

the old man in seas laughed

with glowing gallows humour


Grandpa what means dolphin

I looked in my bag

I think it is like brother and sister

in the old tongue

then it is like a playmate

said the bright-eyed

we forgot time and space

we flew and flew

in between atoms and myons

hunting for a pearl

that would do in her hair


what means Angelica in dolphins tongue

her asking nose was in the sky

it gives the beam and end and beginning

I looked at her and saw it was too much

they surely mean the mouth of the sun beam

she was pleased for a while

Emily then

always in the middle of the beam I suggested

it is much the same

that is why we are sisters


the Old Man in Space

wanted to join the play

he throw a sun ball in a little pool

it bumped into the eye of the bright-eyed

an then to mine

we played back and forth

a bubbling sparkling chuckling laughter

filled us out in the toes

... now the old man is going crazy

I thought before we run over stone and fence

playing the tag

then rolling in the grass

with a tender tummy


we fell asleep

embraced by the old Lady Er

she the big boat

carrying the now-flow

on a wild ride through space

catching the sun beams

sparkling the life

flying is a necessity


the bright-eyed dreamt

about a butterfly

really a fairy and princess

I made a loop over the land

afraid of power lines and church-steeples

scared over water I can not swim


the bright-eyed whispered

titillating in my ear

do you see the princess

she hide the princess gown in Fairies Mound

so none know she is a princess

we danced with the butterfly

asked if she knows the way to Fairies Mound


Grandma shouted

were are you going

dinner is ready

why does it end when it is exiting

Grandma glared at me

(look at your clothes

where have you been

what have you done

an old man playing child)

my eyes answered

(why not)

I sent away a sun ball

saved for her

it is necessary to fly


I flied with Grandpa

her mouth loosed

I must hold his hand

he is afraid of much

I am not

when Grandpa is with me


it is necessary to fly

man have done it for millions of years

between stars and planets

from north to south

east to west

between now and then

asking for the future


the bright-eyed

takes Grandpa into the future

looking for the Future Child

are there strawberries and ice-cream

dancing butterflies and fairies

are there talking rocks

whispering trees in the mild summer night

enchanting fragrance of linden

meeting eyes

sun balls jumping

between souls

a child asking

shall we play tomorrow again


knowing me


I am often absorbed in my research

And forget my friends

It is part of my nature

To all those I have forgotten in the years

I will dedicate this poem

My friend Kjell sent it

It is the best I can give all my friends

To know you are in my heart

and popup when I need you



My Special List

I have a list of folks I know...
all written in a book,
And every now and then..
I go and take a look.

That is when I realize
these names... they are a part,
not of the book they're written in...
but taken from the heart.

For each Name stands for someone...
who has crossed my path sometime,
and in that meeting they have become...
the reason and the rhyme.

Although it sounds fantastic...
for me to make this claim,
I really am composed...
of each remembered name.

Although you're not aware...
of any special link,
just knowing you has shaped my life...
more than you could think.

So please don't think my greeting...
as just a mere routine,
your name was not...
forgotten in between.

For when I send a greeting...
that is addressed to you,
it is because you're on the list...
of folks I'm indebted to.

So whether I have known you...
for many days or few,
in some ways you have a part...
in shaping things I do.

I am but a total...
of many folks I've met,
you are a friend I would prefer...
never to forget.

Thank you for being my friend.


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