Ideas of ritual stones

Ideas of ritual stones

Stones are much more than Carnac and Stone Henge. In this electronic book I analyse all different kinds configurations with stones. However the files about ideas are mixed into the sitemap so we can catch the ideas of the stones.

In Ritual Age they were maybe made for "Following Her" and deciding the time. During Bronze and Iron Age it seems to be manifestos of their local World Order. In fact we have some folk memory about altar on Dal from about 300 Ad indicating that Christianity reached our ancestors at that time.

The oldest signs of calendars or following the time is at least 20000 years old. These files are about time symbolising and it is good to know the Ritual Age and it's myths

Stone Age

Stonees in circle and row | Standing stone, ritual stone, Ansur, Geb, bautastone, tombstone, Ras, place name, trinity, tri-head, Short stone row, two-stone, sightstone, heelstone, astrolabe, Auriga, fix-star, Follow Maiden, The Bride's Suite, Buck stone, Ekornavallen, three-stone, hov, Adam of Bremen

Ritual circle | Stone circle with stone rows, giant Finn, religion, World Order, Callanish, midsummer sun, equinox,

Suites on rocks | Following the Goddess, new moon goddess, ritual law, time law, work order, law seasons, Lokasenna, in the ban, tales of Homer, Val Camonica the Alps, Lappland, Leirfall Norway, Aesir and Vanir, passage grave, Saros, Irminsul

Danish stone rows | Stone row, marker stone, time cross, Time, trinity, Ritual Age, spacetime, time ritual, Order of Society, feudal order, avenue, thing

Moon wheel | Month Wheel, Aubrey holes, Medicine Wheel, Follow Hor, season boat, Egypt, Indus, Sumer, moon suite, Buderupholm, megalith, moon calendar, Ramadan, naksatras, Inanna, double-axe, Sun suite, Animal Round,

First myth | Ubaid, Ereshkigal, Animal Round, zodiac, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ginungagap, Enki, Wainamoinen, Eridu, Oannes, Abzu, World Order, Edda, Kalevala, Enuma Elish, Voluspa, Sin, Enlil, Ninlil, Virgin, Scorpio, Oxen, Leo, Inanna , Dumuzi

4th millennium ideas | Dolmen, long barrow, passage grave, Isis dagger, double axe, resurrection, agriculture, law room, animal round, Eridu, Abzu, Enki, Inanna, god-table, bear hunting, aesir, vanir, New Grange, Gavrinis, Malta, Alvastra, time and calendar, cupmark, crossed circle,

The Vi | Dolmen, Balder myth, vi, harg, hult, lund, heathen monument, Sparlausa, Oklunda, Malt, vising, Christianity, Sigurd,

Moon temple Gavrinis | megalith, Gavrinis, Canchal Mahoma, Saros cycle, Troy, Carnac, fasces, kermesse, von Däniken, Le Menec, Ker Mario

Bronze - Iron Age

Grooves and cists | Ground grooves, Flyhov, going beneath, otherworld, netherworld, Gotland, Antares in Scorpio, Meton's cycle, Saros cycle, slab cist, amulet, sickle, dagger, rock-carvings, two law-men, green-stone, copper mountain, Caucasus, Nart Epos, Edda, Kalevala, midgaard, outgaard, Heidenstein

Wedge tomb | Slab cist, wedge tomb, Caspian trade, Nart Epos, Edda, Kalevala, Midgaard, Outgaard, Gobustan, Azerbaijan, three thursa-women, Three Maiden, Time River, Inanna myth, agriculture, Heidenstein, Arco Italy, Remedello, Isis dagger, Aosta, bucrania

Ritual of Cist People | Follow Gyr, early round, songs from the pyramids, Plutharch about Isis, world heritage, Bride of Spring, Ramadan, Aryans, Leo, River of Underworld, Virgo with Spica, Watergate, Capricorn, Sirius, Osiris is Orion,

Mounds and stoneships | Mound, big mound, Time burial, Silbury Hill, cremation, Sarmatian influence, ringsword, Amazon, Shield Maiden, big stone ship, Askeberga, Blomsholm, Ale's stones, Badelunda, folkland, Kivik grave, small stone ship Lindholm

Doom ring and footstool | Doom ring, hult, lund, rock-carvings, alderman, yearman, ring, pairhood, septemvir, collegium of seven, nemeton, footstool, fodepald, king, oldest rostrum in Europe

Stones in Exodus | Exodus, rock-carvings, Hittitian, wanax, satell, Astarte, asherim, Ashera, Asvins, Moses, masseboth,

Altarstone | Altarstone, rock-carvings, altar, Otherworld, law-room, ancient field, going beneath, handstone, cupmark, May stone, Sumerian season, Enki, Inanna

Thingstone | Thingstone, thing mound, thing circle, Tynwald, allting, Manx cat, platform, terrace, Monks' Altar, fylgia, Gulating, oathring, tingrith, third man, oath-going, oathstone, edstone

Cultural stones | Seit, red-stone, white-stone, small-stone, oath-stone, germ-stone, hov-stone, maiden Stone, obelisk, standing stone or stela, Little Hans, oath, hult, lund, harg, border stone, five-stone, raa and raur, milestone, herm

Olympos of Nordal |The big mound, two doom-rings, altar-stone, three stony ships, two stony mounds, birke, landowners code

Law codes on the rocks | see also this article about Ancient law codes, Criminal code, Code of religion, Commerce code, King's code, Community code, Marriage code, Inheritance code, Land code, Wandering minstrels,


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