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They have asked me to introduce myself and show my better side and what I sound like. The short video answers some of the questions.

My background is Inter-Scandinavian since I was born in Karelia Finland a few years before the World War II. Around 1941 - 42 I was mad about the air fighters threatening my peace. I showed my fist and shouted at them with my hardest words. Ma and mummy could not get me into the bomb shelter since I saw no use of that. So they wanted to get rid of that kind of rebel ... no, I am joking partly.

They put a label with my name in a string around my neck and sent me abroad to Denmark together with many thousand other children. Around 60000 they sent to Sweden I see it from my side and my view is not the same as that of the adults and General Mannerheim. He thought we should be a kind of elite reserve if he failed still, in my view I would rather have stayed home. I do not think it is wise to separate children from their parents by force.

I was very mad about this since before my dad went to war he asked me that I the "Big Man" should look after ma and mummy and now I could not keep that promise. Such things make a man hard for a lifetime I also got my self-confidence from my dad, I think, since he said I am a Big Man. Such words are there deep inside.

To make the story shorter in time I got three cultures in my blood and the languages almost for free. That made it easier to learn English, but the time with the Nazis in Denmark made it more difficult to like learning German.

Since I became an orphan I had in those days always guardians until I was 21. They wanted me to be something else than I wanted. Naturally I opposed and just as obstinacy draw in another direction ... I think my guardians were mad at me for that. Maybe I should have gone in another direction using little more thoughts. But I had to be my own master. I knew early that "other people" do not put too many real thoughts in an orphan.

Anyway the result was that I got the perfect education for my life-work. I studied agriculture and forestry for three years but my health was too weak. After that they forced me to study economy and obstinate me put in a year with marketing into three year study in how to use psychology in practice. Political propaganda is useful even in marketing and it was a very important issue in the 1950:ies. I put some time on that matter too

Later I practised and studied automatic control engineering and went to school in my thirties to be electrical engineer. Besides that I used one winter for studying measuring technique. I think that is my most important study. It is the core of all physics and scientific thinking to measure all phenomenons in the universe. My speciality is to use the laws of physics in the analogue way also in other disciplines. Special Relativity is my favourite.

I got my heart disease when I was 41 and soon I got pension. That is why I have been able to put more than 20 years fulltime on my hobby. I have found that all my education and knowledge about people and cultures are useful for making synthesis of "ancient ideas" with special studies in symbolism and ancient scripts.

In the 1980:ies my intention was to write a fiction about what now became the electronic book "Anglo-Scandinavian Golden Age". It is not fiction but lists and analyses our present knowledge about that age. But before I went to that age I wanted to know about the rural society of those days.

I found that studying the period 1600 - 1700 AD in my own province would give me a good feeling for a time without cities and life in a sparsely populated environment. From that time we have doom books and other literature so we get real knowledge and the people tell about their life. That gave the electronic book in Swedish "Oxland" since the Ox is the symbol animal of the province. Later I filled up with an electronic book about the period 1100 - 1600 AD with what we can get from the sparsely sources.

Since we have extraordinary rock carvings in our province it was natural to ask for the prehistory of Roman Time. Visiting Haugsbyn occasionally I could read a line of the glyphs on what I call the Law Rock. That lead of course to deep digging in understanding the messages on the rocks. Soon I saw that we have influences from the cultures in South, so I had to dig deeper. I did not find all answers in literature so I had to analyse especially ancient astronomy on my own.

Later I found that the European megalith culture could tell us much more than we believe about those "big boulders". Our forefathers manifested their fundamental ideas of society in stony monuments. Just for practical astronomy we do not need more than a pole and a heel stone. They made ritual arrangement to store the idea for eternity. I made a study and I think I will be back on that issue later.

Ongoing project is like a conclusion of what I have studied about ancient scripts and interpreting the ideas from the remains. It will never be finished. I decided early to write for a broad public. I also saw that I must use many pictures to get the message through. So my style is not academic but meant as inspiration.

When I studied economy we all got a topic and should make presentation in front of the others. All others got maybe 5 - 7 pages on paper, when I got more than 30 about iron. It has always been my style to dig deep. People in my life have taught me what they want so I make compromises. That means I have planned this with my audience. I hope those wanting an overlook find it on my site and those wanting to dig deep also find what they seek.


Catshaman - 21-Nov-01