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First of all we would like to thank Patricia McKee Bauer, Webmaster for the Clark County Genealogical Society, for providing the technical expertise and time to design this web page.

The primary purpose of this web page is to provide a forum for Caughlan family members to share Caughlan family information, history and as a starting point for Caughlans' to get acquainted.

Information for his web page was primarily obtained from the genealogical work of Mary Kelley, Betsy Harris, Jerrold Caughlan, Trudy Wilson, Les Umsted, Kevin Caughlan, Robert Caughlan, Donna Caughlan Sivers, Sally Caughlan, Fran J. Caughlan, JohnCaughlan, William Caughlan, Arnold Saaf, Kristy Forsyth, Joyce Newcomb, Charles Caughlan and our “Honorary Caughlan” Arnold Saaf; all that have contributed family information to this web site.  We have all tried to provide the information as accurately as possible. There may be errors. For privacy reasons the birth dates have been omitted from living family members. We would be glad to hear from you to correct any errors or obtain additional information. As with all genealogical work, anyone using information contained within this web site is encouraged to check all information used for its accuracy and for its completeness.

Cornelius Caughlan

John and Sarah Caughlan

John and Sarah’s Children

Mary Ann Caughlan

Rev. David Caughlan

Rev. John Wesley Caughlan

Rev. Adam Clarke Caughlan

  Daniel Caughlan

Other Caughlan’s

Charles Wesley Caughlan

Arthur Bentley Caughlan

John Arthur Caughlan

Our Generation Charts, Bible Records and Key Letters

Meet Special Caughlan's


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Last modified on April 13, 2005