Amberley, Days 1 & 2
Come, Join Us On Our Return Trip To
May 29 - June 13, 2007


We left our car at the Park-to-Fly lot at the Orlando International Airport on May 28. Our flight was routed 1,000 miles west to Dallas, TX before we could fly nearly 5,000 miles east to London's Gatwick Airport. The flight was nearly 2 hours late leaving Dallas, which would complicate our train connection to Amberley. As soon as we landed, I called Amberley Castle and told them our flight was running late, and we would be on a later train. Once we arrived at Gatwick and cleared customs, we found the train station in the south terminal and waited for the next train. Our first obstical was getting our 4 bags down the escalator to the platform. Soon we were on the first of our 11 train rides we'd be taking over the next 16 days.

We were met at the Amberley Station and taken to Amberley Castle.

After registering, we went into our room, the Camber Suite (the first ground floor room to the right of the portcullis), where we relaxed and rested from our long overnight flight. By that time, Suz had a stomach bug she had gotten from the food on the flight. I did a little exploring of the grounds while Suz rested

Our Dinner reservations were at 7:00 p.m. Suz ate nothing at dinner that night.

DAY 2, MAY 30

By morning, Suz was feeling better so, after breakfast Suz and I started out for the village, but it was rainy and very windy, so we wrote some post cards. Soon the rain let up, so we struck out for the village of Amberley. We walked in, found the Black Horse Pub where we had took refuge from the cold wind. I had a pint and Suz had a flavored "fizzy" alcoholic drink called a Breezer. Soon, we headed back towards the castle, stopping a couple of shops along the way. We also took a little tour of the village church yard, then continued on our way back to the castle. Once there, I showed Suz around the castle grounds. Afterwards, we relaxed in our room and became acquainted with British gameshows on the telly.

Dinner was again at 7:00 p.m. and Suz had an appetite tonight. After dinner we returned to the room and repacked for the next leg of our journey.


After breakfast we returned to the room, finished packing and prepared to check out. At about 11:00 we were taken to the Amberley Station where we would catch the train to London. This was also where I learned to hate the "Cross-overs" found in many of the train stations. Since this train was northbound, it meant I would have to carry 4 bags up 2 flights of stairs, cross the foot bridge and down on the opposite side.

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