Soldiers & Civilians at the Battle of Pilot Knob



List of Union Soldiers found on the Missouri State Parks, Pilot Knob Site (in PDF format).

September 26 found about 1447 soldiers and volunteer citizens at Pilot Knob

Second Division, Sixteenth Army Corps

14th Iowa Infantry, under Captain Campbell, Companies B, C, D, E, and H, (142)
Company E Muster List

10th Kansas, Maj. H. H. Williams, Capt. Charles S. Hills
1st Missouri State Militia Infantry, Capt. P. F. Lonergan, Lieut. John Fessler, Company G, (serving as artillery, 58--7 guns)
2nd Missouri State Militia Cavalry Company L, ;(44)
2nd Missouri Light Artillery; Capt. William C. F. Montgomery, Battery H, (134--6 guns)
2ndCavalry Missouri State Militia, Capt. A. P. Wright,
3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry Capt. H. B. Milks, Companies A, C, D, H, I, and K, (347)
47th Missouri Infantry, Maj. James Wilson, Col. Thomas C. Fletcher, Lieut. David Murphy, Companies A, F, E, G, H, and I, (500)
Unit Roster for the 47th Missouri Inf.

50th Missouri Infantry,, Captain Lindsay's company, with an aggregate of 489 officers and men for duty, Company F (80)
Captain Montgomery's battery,

Nearly one hundred citizens of Pilot Knob and Ironton (among whom were General McCormick, Colonel Lindsay, Captain Leeper, Major Emerson, and other well known gentlemen), organized and commanded by Capt. P. F. Lonergan, First Infantry Missouri State Militia.
(A list of Civilians reportedly at Ft. Davidson during the Battle of Pilot Knob.)

A colored man named Charles Thurston, organized and commanded a company of negroes
(A list of African-American Soldiers at the Battle of Pilot Knob.)
(A list of African-American soldiers POSSIBLY at the Battle of Pilot Knob.)


(Lists of Confederate Soldiers at the Battle of Pilot Knob--
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, Sh, Si, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z)

Fagan's Division (1,775) was composed of :
Cabell's Brigade of 8 Arkansas Cavalries with a battery of 2 guns,
Slemon's Brigade (459) of 4 Arkansas Cavalries,
Dobbin's Brigade (835) of 3 Arkansas Cavalries and a battery of 2 guns,
McCray's Brigade (1,700) of
2 Arkansas mounted infantries
15th Missouri Cavalry,
and 3 unattached Arkansas Cavalries totaling 300 men.

Marmaduke's Division (3756) was composed of
Clark's Brigade (2,200) of 7 Missouri Cavalries, 2 batteries of 3 guns each and an engineer company,
Freeman's Brigade (1,356) of 2 Arkansas and 1 Missouri Cavalries,
Colonel Kitchen's regiment, and
Lieut. Col. R. C. Wood's battalion and
Slayback's Detachment of Missouri Cavalry (200).

Shelby's division, commanded by Brig. Gen. J. O. Shelby, consisted of
Colonel Shanks' brigade,
Colonel Jackman's brigade, and
Colonel Coleman's command