Descendants of John Wilcox of Maryland

Descendants of
John Wilcox of Maryland
and allied Families

John Wilcox is my great-great-great-great grandfather. He was born around 1770 in Maryland, married Lucinda "Lucy" Oglesby around 1794 in Kentucky, had 11 children, and eventually migrated to Sangamon County, Illinois. One of his children, Ellis Wilcox (who married Ann Lewis) is a line that has had a lot of research applied to it, and you can find some of that research here. I descend from Stephen Wilcox, brother to Ellis. There seems to have been much less research on Stephen's line. Hence the existence of this web page. I am hoping that by sharing what data I have on John's genealogy tree and the allied families that I have run into during my research, this Web site can be used as a forum to share data among descendents of John Wilcox, perhaps painting a much more complete picture than the one that I have. So if you are part of that line (especially if you have descended from Stephen Wilcox) I am keen on talking to you :-)

As you can tell by the slick design :-), I'm not a Web guru. If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc on how to present information better or more efficiently, I'm happy to talk to you. I may not have the skills necessary to implement your suggestions, but hey, anything is possible... :-) I will say that the information has been generated using a program called Gedpage, which is absolutely marvelous as far as I'm concerned. I highly recommend it.

I owe a lot of people a debt of gratitude for sharing information and the fruits of their research with me. Special thanks to Virgil Sims for his contribution of the Sims family lines (my great-great grandmother was Mary Sims). Thanks also to Marilyn Mendenhall who provided me with good information on my Wilcox line from research she had done. The Wilcox mail list at Rootsweb, which is very ably run by Tim Stowell, has been a great source of finding dead ends :-). Seriously, the folks on the Wilcox mailing list have been very helpful, especially when I was just beginning and asking a bunch of rookie questions. Thanks to Ellen Stadermann for her tireless efforts helping me unravel the mystery wrapped in an enigma that was the line from John's daughter Edith, who married Duke Chilton. Thanks to Melanie Renner for her dogged efforts in researching the family tree. Finally, thanks to Ladybyrd for helping me spruce up this page with something a little more interesting than what I started with.

Enough from me. I hope that you find the information here useful, but I hope even more that you have information that you are willing to share to add to the body of knowledge. As information comes in (as well as my continuing effort to document all the information that I have accrued), the web page will be updated periodically. I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Wilcox

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27 November 2007 - Uploaded updates to the pages, and took out all personal information for living folks except their names.

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