Pigot's 1839 Directory of Cambridgeshire - Inns & Hotels, Taverns and Public Houses

"1839 Pigot's Directory of Cambridgeshire"
Index of
Inns & Hotels, Taverns and Public Houses,
Brewers & Maltsters + Wine & Spirit Merchants

          This listing was originally done for the "The Pubs, Inns and Taverns Index for England, 
          1801-1900" website from my copy of "Pigot's 1839 Directory of Cambridgeshire".
          But as I still have my original transcription, I decided to use it to help me with the 
          writing of HTML Tables; and hence to be used on my webpages - so here it is!

          The spellings of names and places are as in the Directory; nothing has been updated!

          BURWELL + Swaffham Prior and Swaffham Bulbeck

          CAMBRIDGE including Barnwell, with the villages of Chesterton, Trumpington and neighbourhoods


          MARCH with the villages of Doddington, Wimblington and neighbourhoods

          NEWMARKET & neighbourhood

          ROYSTON with the villages of Bassingbourne and Melbourn 

          SOHAM + Fordham & neighbourhood | THORNEY

          UPWELL & OUTWELL + Upwell Fen |  WHITTLESEY

          WISBEACH and the villages of Elm and Leverington, with Emneth and Walsoken 

          Transcript © 2013 by Ann McClean

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