Contact details

Contact details

        January 2005:

        Due to the enormous amount of spam & virus emails that I have received over the last year,
        I am in the process of converting the direct email link on all my webpages to a link to just
        this one page for contact details.  
        If you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages,
        then please email me at:

        This is not a clickable e-mail link, but an image to [hopefully] fool the spybots who harvest 
        e-mail addresses from websites such as this.  

        October 2017      
        On doing my regular check of my website Guestbook, to my horror I discovered this week that in their wisdom,
        have 'retired' the Rootsweb Guestbook that I have used on this Freepages family history website.

        I've lost nearly 20 years worth of queries/requests/info etc. from fellow researchers and there doesn't appear to be 
        anyway to retrieve it all.  To say I'm fuming is putting it mildly as no communication was sent by Ancestry to give me 
        time to save the Guestbook to my PC.

        I now have over 600 webpages to well as looking for a new Guestbook.
        12 November 2017 - NEW  Guest Book now being installed as I work my way through my webpages.
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And don't forget to sign my Guest Book before you leave!
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