Carole Anne PALMER - 1948-2006

In Memory of Carole PALMER - 1948-2006

        Carole first contacted me by email in July 2003 as she had discovered this website and was very keen to impart what 
        she knew about her branch of our PALMER family [which was considerable] and to learn more about our PALMER heritage.  
        So much so, that she & her partner, Mike, attended the 2nd PALMER Family Reunion in September 2003 held in Wisbech 
        [and again in 2004 and 2006.]  She emailed afterwards:
            "I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Saturday. I am hoping to start doing some "sleuthing" myself, on my branch of the tree.   
         I've had a bad start with the "Canadian experience", but I'm not giving up yet!"

        Carole wrote to me in August 2004: 
            "How on earth did you find all the info you have on the web site, especially from those earlier times. I'm just totally in awe, 
         having now tried to do it myself !!  I'm worn out !!"

        And in March this year:
            "At Rawtenstall I've found out where my great grandparents are buried and when and where they died. The grave is unmarked, the family 
         must have been so poor. I've been enquiring about putting some sort of marker on it.......Keep sleuthing !!"

..... Carole Anne PALMER  1948-2006.....
In Memory of
Carole Anne PALMER

27 December 1948
8 December 2006

gt gt gt granddaughter of Stephen PALMER & Maria DeSilva
Carole also managed to uncover information about her gt uncle: "Arnold PALMER, who emigrated to Canada with his wife Sarah, in about 1910. They first set up home in Portage La Prairie, Winnipeg, [where their two elder children were born]. Arnold fought in WW1 for the Canadian forces and lost a leg at the battle of Vimy Ridge. Around 1925 the family moved to British Columbia and set up home at 1638 Hollywood Crescent, Victoria. Arnold spent many, many years working for amputees in Canada, and I gather he was involved with many charities, because of his experiences in the war. The main charity he was involved with was the Canadian War Amps. I gather he was extremely proactive in working for these causes. Arnold died in 1975 after an extremely long life. He left his home and assets to his daughter, Ethel. When Ethel died, in 2005, her will stated that she wished all her assets to be left to the Canadian goverment. The assets are considerable as the house and land are in a prime postion on the harbour at Victoria. There has been uproar about this in the Canadian media." Photos of some of Carole's PALMER ancestors I shall very much miss Carole's input to my PALMER research and her attendance at the PALMER Family Reunions where she postively "bubbled" in her eagerness to impart new information that she had discovered or to show off old photographs where she had managed to identify the sitters. Here is a link to a tribute to Carole published in the Rochdale Observer on 23 December 2006. Another tribute, published in the Halifax Evening Courier on 11 December 2006 Lancashire PALMERs PALMER Home Page Site Home Page & Index Contact Details - if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages.
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