Algy DeSilva Teed Parker PALMER 15 April 1899-27 January 1970

Algy DeSilva Teed Parker PALMER
15 April 1899 - 27 January 1970

        Algy DeSilva Teed Parker PALMER, 10th child and 6th and youngest son of Franciso & Mary was born 15 April 1899 
        in Hilgay.

        He married Lily WEBB in about 1915 or 16.  Their children are:

Francis Arthur DeSilva [Jack] born abt 1916 baptised 25 March 1917 in All Saints' Church, Hilgay
Lewis DeSilva born . . .
Mary Rebecca born . . .
Frederick Algy DeSilva [Mick] born . . .
Douglas DeSilva born . . .
Margaret DeSilva born . . .
Ralph Edward DeSilva Teed born 1936 . .
Philip Paul born . . .
Marlene Jennifer born . . .
Algy's claim to fame is as the producer of PALMERS PERFECT POTATO CRISPS which he sold to pubs in competition with Smiths. This was around the 50's and 60's. My thanks to Norman and Philip for this information. November 2002 - I have just received the following description of the crisp making process from one of Algy's daughters-in-law: "It was quite an involved process - to start with you need the right potato as some were not suitable. After the potatoes were cleaned and put in water they were then placed in the slicing machine to make them into crisp shapes; they were then put in more water with a solution added that helped to keep the potato white before being spun in a spin dryer type of machine to extract the starch. They were then fried, and then placed in another spinner to get the fat out. They were then put in bins ready to be packed, which had to be done the same day to keep them fresh. I used to do the packing, the crisps would be put in a hopper that weighed each bag separately I used to hold the bag ready for filling; we then put the salt pkt in and then sealed each bag individually with a heat sealer which was worked by your foot, and if you got your finger in the way of the sealer it was very painful. The one who sealed the bags packed into the tins at the same time placing them in a special pattern and counting each pack to ensure the correct amount went in each tin. These were then sealed with labels using the starch as glue that came from the potato. Ralph did all the preperation work, his brother used to fry the crisps, and two of us used to pack taking it in turns to catch or seal." I'd very interested to find out if there are any PALMERS PERFECT POTATO CRISPS posters or even packets still about! April 2020 Palmer's Crisps packet with many thanks to Paula Goodrum Holmes via the Norfolk in Old Photos & Postcards Facebook Group. When Algy gave up doing the crisps, he went back to fish and chips which he did for years and years, as well as the threshing tackle, engineering etc. He also used to make for his own enjoyment [& mostly to give away!] boiled sweets, toffee, wine, and of course his bees and honey. And like his father he was very rarely seen without his dog and gun. One of Algy & Lily's descendants, Pat, runs PALMER'S RESTAURANT in Downham Market. On 21 September 2002, about 20+ descendants of Emmanuel & Susannah [Algy's grandparents] had a get together to swop notes, take photos and, in between times, found time to eat a superb and delicious meal! Algy died 27 January 1970 aged 70. He is buried with Lily who died 8 November 1958 aged 60. Their grave is at Hilgay All Saints' Church.
Algy's Siblings: ................ Algy & Lily's children:
Francisco Charles Parker Francis Arthur DeSilva [Jack]
Reginald Elijah Parker Lewis DeSilva
Muriel Frances Parker Mary Rebecca
Hilda DaSilva Parker Frederick Algy DeSilva [Mick]
Douglas Emmanuel Parker Douglas DeSilva
Zoe Mildred Margaret DeSilva
Alphonso Ronald Robert Ralph Edward DeSilva Teed
Queenie Kate DeSilva Philip Paul
Freda Lilian Marlene
Vera Constance DaSilva
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