Don Thursalht DeSilva PALMER 1863-1873

Don Thurshather DeSilva PALMER
28 February 1863 - 4th July 1873

        Don Thursahather, 8th child and 7th son of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER, was born either in 
        Hilgay or Methwold on 28 February 1863.

        Bit of a mystery over the spelling of this one!
        "Don Twisathr" as it seems to be in Mary Teed's bible, or "Don Thursalht" in the GRO Indexes;
        or "Don Thurshather" as on his death certificate; or "Donathon Thursalht" as in other family 
        records - or even "Don Turshathr" as on Susannah's sampler - see below.

        Don Thursalht drowned in the River Wissey at the age of 10 years - an inquest was held in 
        Methwold on 5 July 1873.  Susannah's memorial sampler to her young son.

        So far, have been unable to trace a record of his burial.

        On the 1891 Census, it looks like Lapauldro named one of his sons after Don Thursalht.

        Don Thurshather's siblings:

              Louis Henry
              Delfina Honor

        Emmanuel & Susannah
        Burwell-born PALMERs in Lancashire
        Wisbech PALMERs
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