Ernest William PALMER - Obit

Buried at Wisbech - Retired Garage Owner’s Funeral

        Mr. Ernest William PALMER, of 23, Clarence Road,, Wisbech, a retired garage proprietor, 
        was buried at the Borough Cemetery, Wisbech, on Monday, following a funeral service at 
        St Augustine’s Church.

        Mr. PALMER died at his home on Friday, at the age of 66 years.

        He operated the Cannon Garage, Wisbech, in partnership with his two brothers, being connected 
        with the garage for about 20 years.

        After the garage closed down, Mr. PALMER became a member of the National Fire Brigade, being 
        attached to the  March and Whittlesey Stations.  He retired after the last World War.

        During the first World War Mr. Palmer served with the R.A.S.C.

        He leaves a widow, one son and one daughter.

        The Rev. P. K. Irwin [Rural Dean and Vicar] officiated at the service and the immediate mourners 
        The widow [Mrs F.H. PALMER]; Mr. and Mrs. E. H. PALMER, son and daughter-in-law;  
        Mr. and Mrs. F. CAWTHORN, son-in-law and daughter;
        Mr. B. C. SCALES, Miss D. B. SCALES,  Mr. and Mrs. F. ALLEN, Mrs. M. PALMER,  Mrs. L. PALMER, 
        brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law;
        Mr. Roy PALMER, Mr. and Mrs. George SCALES, nephews and niece; 
        Mr. and Mrs. F. ELAM, Mr. and Mrs. A. HAYLETT, Mr. and Mrs U.E.D. PALMER, 
        Mr. and Mrs. F. PALMER, cousins.

        Mrs. J. GEORGE and Mrs. T. Weston [sisters] were unable to attend.

        Sympathisers at the Church included: 
        Mrs. A. B. LAYTON [also representing Mr LAYTON], Mrs. P. BURTON, Mrs. A. REEVE 
        [also representing Mr. REEVE], Mrs. M. HUTCHINSON [also representing Mrs. V. GRIGGS],  
        Mr. T. GOULT [also representing Mrs. GOULT and family], Mr. and Mrs. W. REEVE, 
        Mr. and Mrs. W.R. BUMFREY,  Mr. K.S. ALLERTON [also representing Mrs. ALLERTON 
        and Mr. W. R. CAWTHORN], Mr. E. CAWTHORN [also representing Mrs. CAWTHORN],  
        Mr. MILLER, Mr. W.G. CURSON [also representing Mrs. CURSON].

        Beautiful floral tributes were received from:  
        His loving wife; Joyce and Frank; Phyllis and Billy; Susan, Ann and Stephen [grandchildren]; 
        Maud and Lu; Mabel and Jack [New Zealand]; Mary, George and Christine; Fred, 
        Elizabeth and family; Vera, Frank and family; Daisy and Bert; Doris and Frank; George and Sylvia; 
        John and Mary; Archie and Maud; Mabel, Roy and Olive; Mary and Ralph PALMER; Mrs H.M. LUPTON; 
        Friends and neighbours of Clarence Road; Mr. W. J. and A. DAVIS and family.

        The funeral arrangements were in the efficient hands of Messrs. DAVIS and Son, of Lynn Road, Wisbech.

                    This report appeared in the Wisbech Standard, 14 May 1954

                    Grandad died Friday 7 May, 1954; he was buried Monday, 10 May, 1954.

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