Emmanuel & Susannah

Emmanuel PALMER & Susannah TEED

        Emmanuel PALMER, the 5th child & 3rd son of Stephen PALMER & Maria DeSilva was baptised in St Mary's Church, 
        Burwell, Cambridgeshire on 4 June, 1820.

        In 1834, [at the age of 14], he was apprenticed to Simon Jacob, Millwright in Gazeley, Suffolk 
            "to learn his Art and with him after the Manner of an Apprentice to serve from the First Day of March 
             One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty-four ......."
               [Emmanuel would have been 14 years old at the time.]

          The document is signed by Jonathon [sic] Casburn, Emanuel PALMER & Stephen PALMER.
        In October, 1849, Emmanuel married Susannah TEED [bp 1826 Boston, Lincolnshire] in Ramsey, Huntingdonshire. 
        The location has always puzzled me, until I discovered [via the 1851 UK Census] that his elder brother, 
        Stephen, lived there. Stephen's wife was an Elizabeth, and Stephen & Elizabeth PALMER were the witnesses 
        on the marriage certificate.

        I can only assume that Emmanuel was working in Ramsey as a Millwright - maybe with his brother?

        Emmanuel & Susannah's first child, Marear DeSilva PALMER, was born in Wisbech, Cambs on 27 July, 1850.  

        They then moved to Methwold in West Norfolk, as their 2nd child, Emmanuel was born there on 20 August 1852.  
        Nine more children followed:  
Marear DeSilva born 27 July 1850 - in Wisbech baptised in Wisbech?
Emmanuel born 20 August 1852 - in Methwold baptised 22 October 1854 @ All Saints, Hilgay
Louis Henry** born 24 September 1854 baptised 22 October 1854 @ All Saints, Hilgay
Lapauldro born 25 March 1856 baptised 4 April 1856 @ All Saints, Hilgay
Ryfealyer DeSilva born 1857 - [died 1858] baptised 26 September 1857 @ All Saints, Hilgay
Ryfealyer DeSilva born 19 September 1859 baptised 30 October 1859 @ All Saints, Hilgay
Francisco born 16 December 1860 baptised 10 March 1861 @ All Saints, Hilgay
Donathan Thursalht born 19 February 1863 - [died 1873] baptised ? Methwold
Angelo Stephen born August 1864 baptised ? Methwold
Younather DeSilva born 16 January 1867 baptised ? Methwold
Delfina Honor born 8 September 1869 baptised ? Methwold
All the above names and birth dates + Emmanuel & Susannah's marriage date are recorded in Mary TEED's (Susannah's mother) bible. The Baptism dates are from the All Saints' Church, Hilgay, Register of Baptisms. On the 1851 Census, Emmanuel & Susannah are living in Robin's Row, Horse Fair, Wisbech - about 2 doors up from Susannah's mother, Mary TEED. Dwelling Place: Robin's Row, Horse Fair. Census Place: Wisbech St. Peter, Cambridgeshire Source: PRO Ref
347a, 44 Emmanuel PALMER Head M 31 Millwright Cam. Burwell
. Susannah PALMER Wife M 24 - Lin. Boston
. Maria D. PALMER Dau. S 8m - Cam. Wisbech
By the 1871 England Census, we find Emmanuel & Susannah in Methwold with rather a large family, but without their eldest child, Maria who would have been enumerated with her newly-wed husband: Dwelling: [Severals ?] Engine House Census Place: Methwold, Norfolk, England Source: PRO Ref RG10/Piece 1873/ED 13/Folio 76/Pg 11
Sch.50 Emmanuel PALMER Head M 50 Engineer Cambridgeshire, Burwell
. Susanna PALMER Wife M 44 Wife Lincolnshire, Boston
. Emmanuel PALMER Son U 18 Carpenter Norfolk, Methwold Fen
. Louis Henry PALMER Son U 16 Engineer Norfolk, Methwold Fen
. Lapauldro PALMER Son U 14 Engineer Norfolk, Methwold Fen
. Ryfealyer PALMER Son M 11 Scholar Norfolk, Methwold Fen
. Francisco D. PALMER Son U 10 Scholar Norfolk, Methwold Fen
. Don T. PALMER Son U 7 . Norfolk, Methwold Fen
. Angelo Stephen PALMER Son U 6 . Norfolk, Methwold Fen
. Jonathan D. PALMER Son U 4 . Norfolk, Methwold Fen
. Delphina H. PALMER Dau U 1 . Norfolk, Methwold Fen

On the 1881 Census, we find Emmanuel & Susannah with 3 children married [but the eldest & his family are living with them] + a grand-daughter that seems to have no parents. Dwelling: Engine Census Place: Methwold, Norfolk, England Source: PRO Ref RG11/Piece 2011/Folio 60/Pg 12

Sch. Emmanuel PALMER Head M 29 Engineer Methwold, Norfolk
. Emma PALMER Wife U 27 Wife Methwold, Norfolk
. Emmanuel PALMER Son U 5 Scholar Methwold, Norfolk
. Marcrear PALMER Daug U 6 Scholar Methwold, Norfolk
. Emmanuel PALMER Head M 62 Engineer Burwell, Cambs
. Susannah PALMER Wife M 54 Engineer's Wife Boston, Lincs
. Louis Henry Son U 26 Engineer Methwold, Norfolk
. Ryfealyer PALMER Son U 22 Engineer Methwold, Norfolk
. Francisco PALMER Son U 21 Engine Driver Methwold, Norfolk
. Angelo Stephen PALMER Son U 16 Engine Driver Methwold, Norfolk
. Younathen PALMER Son U 14 Scholar Methwold, Norfolk
. Delphener PALMER Daur U 11 Scholar Methwold, Norfolk
. Hannah PALMER Grand Dr U 6 Scholar Yorkshire, England

About 1882, all the family, bar Ryfealyer and Francisco who both stayed in Hilgay, moved to Wisbech. By the time of the 1891 Census, Emmanuel has died [23 January 1891], and Susannah and her 3 youngest children are living at 21 Queen Street, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. ED11 Schedule 181
PALMER Susannah Head - Widow Age bn Boston, Lincolnshire Living on her own means
PALMER Angelo Stephen Son Age 26 bn Methwold, Norfolk Steam Engine Owner
PALMER Jonathon T.* Son Age 24 bn Methwold, Norfolk Cycle Agent & Repairer
PALMER Delphininer H. Dau Age 21 bn Methwold, Norfolk
*for Jonathon read Younather DeSilva.

Emmanuel's Siblings: ................. Emmanuel & Susannah's children:
Stephen Marear DeSilva
Henry Emmanuel
Mary Louis Henry**
Honor Lapauldro
William & Burwell PALMERs in Lancashire Ryfealyer
Louis Francisco
Phylldelfina Don Thursalht
Angelo Stephen
Younather DeSilva
Delfina Honor
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