Funeral of Francisco DeSilva PALMER, 21 September 1931

Funeral of Francisco DeSilva PALMER, 21 September 1931

        Report of the funeral of Francisco DeSilva PALMER,  21 September 1931, 
                At All Saints’ Church, Hilgay, West Norfolk.

        By the death on Sept. 17th of Mr. Francisco Palmer the village has lost one of its best-known businessmen.  
        Founder and head of the firm of Palmers, machinists, he was known over a very wide area, and his 
        threshing machines have travelled all over S.W. Norfolk.  He was a very keen shot, and very seldom was 
        seen without his gun and dog.  
        It would be difficult to estimate the amount of game for which he accounted every season.

        Until recently he had been a strong healthy man, but on examination he was found to be suffering from 
        internal trouble, and he passed away in a nursing-home in Lynn.
        The coffin was conveyed to his home in Steel’s-drove by a motor-hearse.  The Funeral took place in 
        All Saints’ churchyard on Sept. 21, the Rector, the Rev. G.H. Ward, conducting the service.  The hymns 
        “Fight the good fight” and “For ever with the Lord” were sung, and as the mourners left the church 
        Mr. Higgins played a Funeral March.  The coffin, which bore the inscription 
        “Francisco Da Silva Palmer, passed away Sept. 17, 1931, in his 71st year,” was borne by Messrs. W. Mann, 
        A. Everitt, C. Armsby and A. Clements, and it was lowered into a brick grave.

        The family representatives present were Mrs Palmer [widow]; Miss Freda Palmer [daughter]; 
        Messrs. Reginald,  Douglas and Algy Da Silva Palmer [sons]; 
        Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Still, Mrs. Schofield, Mrs. Osler and Mrs. Beckerton [daughters]; 

        Mr. R. Lucas, Mr. F. Osler, Mr. S. Beckerton, Mrs. D. Palmer and Mrs. R. Palmer 
        [sons-in-law and daughters-in-law];

        Mr. F. Green, Mr. Esco Lucas, Mr. Alonzo Lucas, Mr. Unather Palmer, Miss Dylio Palmer, Mr. Jack Palmer, 
        Mr. Lewis Palmer, Miss Mary Osler [grandchildren];
        Mr. Unather Palmer,  Mr. Angelo Palmer [brothers];
        Mr & Mrs Emanuel Palmer [brother and sister-in-law];  

        Mr. And Mrs. Robert Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Parker, Mrs. Rose Parker 
              [brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law]; 
        Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parker, Mr. Orphilly Palmer [nephews and nieces]; 

        Miss S. Trundle; Mr. and Mrs. Greef; Mr. and Mrs. H.  Staines;  Mr. and Mrs. Nurse; Mr. Lavender; 
        Mr. and Mrs. Crake [tenants].

        Others present were Col. H.R.B. Wayman, Mr. Horace and Mr. William Case,
        Mr. and Mrs. F. Osler, Mr. and Mrs. R. Riches (Denver), Mr. and Mrs. F.D. King, Mr. and Mrs. A. Stokes, 
        Mr. and Mrs. W. Cooke,  Mr and Mrs A. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. W. Weeds, Mr. and Mrs. W. Holman, Mrs. John Holman, 
        Mrs. James Holman, Mr. J. and Mrs. W. Mann, Mrs. and Miss Rowe, Mr. W. and Mr. A. Fergusin, Mr. W. and 
        Miss Dent, Mr. Lane, Mr. J. and Mrs. R. Matthews, Mr. Glover, Mr. J. Howlett, Mr. F. Whittome, Mr. R. Cox, 
        Mr. A.W. Firth, Mr. W. Eagle, Mr. H. Horton, Mr. T. Groom, Mr. G. Delph, Mr. G. Ambrose, Mr. D. Greene, 
        Mr. R. Anderson, Mr. C. Taylor, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Firman, Mr. W. Howlett, Mr. John Palmer, Mr. H. Atkins, 
        Mr. A. Stocking, Mr. J. Brundle, Mr. R. Armsby, Mrs N. Johnson, Mrs Spinks, Mrs J. Bland, Mrs. J. Osler, 
        Mrs D. Green, Mrs. W. Reeve, Mrs. W. Currie, Mrs Mason, Mrs. J. Taylor, Mrs F. Webb, Mrs. A. Rolfe, 
        Mrs. R. Hall, Mrs. W. Whiskaer, Mrs. Keen, Mrs. William and Mrs. Ward Cross, Mrs C. Everitt, Mrs. H. Rolfe, 
        Mrs W. Osler, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Canham, Mrs R. Cossey,  Mrs. Fann, Mrs. H. Dixon, Mrs. S. Hudson, 
        Mrs. J. Dennis,  Mrs. Sadler, Mrs. H. Cox, Mrs. L. Hall,  Mrs. G. Addison, Mrs. B. Woolston, Mrs. L. Goodrum, 
        Mrs. H. Burton, Mrs. ?, Mrs. J. Ambrose, Mrs. F. Porter, Mrs. E.W. Kisby,  Miss Parlett, Miss Burton, 
        Miss L. Bland, Miss Carnell, and others.

        The floral tributes were inscribed:  Reg and family; Zoe and family; Algy and Family; 
        Hilda and family; Douglas and Freda; Dinky; Kate Green and Dudie;
        Mary and Pimp; a dear friend; Vera, Sonny and baby; Mr. and Mrs. Reeve;
        Alexander Beeby and son; Fred, Willie, Ben and Horace Case; Esco and Sarah; 
        Mr. and Mrs Emanuel Palmer and family; Mr. and Mrs. F. Greef and Mr. and Mrs. H. Staines; 
        Mr. and Mrs. W. Dearsley; Mr. and Mrs. C. Beckerton; R. Nurse, West Dereham.

              Transcription  © Ann McClean 2002

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