PALMER Lunch - 21 September 2002

PALMER Lunch - 21 September 2002
at "Palmer's Restaurant", Downham Market, Norfolk

      On Saturday 21 September 2002, 20+ descendants of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER met at "Palmer's Restaurant" 
      in Downham Market, Norfolk - for many of us, it was the first time we had met. 
      In all, 23 sat down to a superb lunch created by our new cousins, Pat & Debbie, the restaurant proprietors.

      Many of us had taken along notes and old photos; I took along large-scale family tree charts; one for each of 
      the children of Emmanuel & Susannah and their many descendants: 

        Maria           - Jean & Roy Matthews
        Emmanuel    - not represented.
        Louis Henry - Roy & Mary PALMER; + me
        Lapauldro    - Susan & Melvin Webb
        Ryfealyer     - David & Philip PALMER; Roy & Barbara PALMER; Norman & Joyce PALMER.
        Francisco    - Terry & Maura Rowan; Hazel & Jack; John & Ann PALMER; Pat & Debbie PALMER.
        Younather    - Neville & Gill PALMER 
        Delphfenia   - Linda & Bernard Becket

      The various cousins in Lancashire, Canada, Australia & New Zealand sent their regrets - but maybe next time!

      It was a terrific day and I was very pleased to meet my fellow PALMER researchers at last.  Considering I only 
      knew 4 of them personally; the rest I know only by e-mail or via the telephone, we all got on extremely well.
      It was a brilliant day; the chat level never dropped below  -at least- "crescendo" level!!

Everyone outside after the lunch [29KB] For a larger picture, click on the one above.
When we left the restaurant, we moved over to the Castle Hotel to continue chatting, taking notes and photographs. [My 21st birthday party was held at the Castle Hotel - in 1973!!] When that party split up just before 6 p.m., I stayed on with the Irish contingent going through yet more photos, etc. I finally got back to my parents house about 8.45 p.m, having left for Downham Market at 11 am that morning. Everyone expressed a wish to meet up again next year - anyone know of a decent hotel with a large carpark in the Wisbech-Downham Market-Ely area?!!! PALMER Home Page Site Home Page & Index Contact Details - if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages.
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