Muriel Frances Parker PALMER - 17 Jul 1888-11 Sep 1944

Muriel Frances Parker PALMER
17 July 1888 - 11 September 1944

        Muriel Frances Parker PALMER, 3rd child and 1st daughter of Francisco & Mary PALMER 
        was born 17 July 1888 in Hilgay, West Norfolk.

        There is a bit of a mystery about her, as her marriage certificate - dated 4th October 1914 
        when she married Arthur Leonard Still, 33 years, at the Register Office in LUTTERWORTH,
        [Muriel then 27 years] has an interesting extra:

        under condition it states
           *** Previously married at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Copenhagen, Denmark on the 29th September 1907.***

        Arthur is listed as "Moulder in foundry." their address is given as 4 Woodbine Terrace, Lutterworth.
        Arthur's father is down as "John Still" Police detective (retired)
        Muriel's father is listed as "Francesco Charles Palmer" Agricultural Implement Engineer (Master)
        Arthur signed as Arthur L. Still.  Muriel signed as Muriel F.P. Still.
        The witness`s signed are Fredrick J. Wheeler and Ethel Wheeler.

           Source: this information is from Muriel & Arthur's grandson who has the original certificate.

        So what was a young Norfolk girl of 19 doing in Copenhagen in 1907?!  Had Muriel run away from home?
        Had she and Arthur eloped, I wonder? Odd things I've been told make me think that her father, Francisco, 
        was a very strict disciplinarian. But then, again, she could have been staying with family friends - it's 
        certainly a puzzle. 
        According to Muriel's daughter, Muriel was working as a nurse in the Royal Hospital, Copenhagen and that 
        she met Arthur there.  
        In January, 2002, I found Muriel & Arthur's marriage registration from October 1914 - Muriel was indexed twice 
        - under both PALMER & STILL.  
        I wonder if - from the dates - he "joined up" at about this time [1914] and needed a marriage certificate to 
        give his wife full rights as a service wife?  

        If their original certificate was lost or never issued in a suitable format, then the simple answer, with 
        Europe in turmoil, would have been to marry again.  [My thanks to Wendy Doyle, CFHS, for this solution.]

        BUT why did Muriel give her elder brother's name for her father?

        Muriel and Arthur had one child, [that we know of]

Irene Elizabeth born 26th September 1918. where? Hilgay? Birmingham?
It seems that Irene may have been born at sea; at least that is what Kate PARKER told her! Irene was sent home to Hilgay when she was about 6yrs old to live with Robert and Kate PARKER, her grandmother Mary Parker PALMER's brother and his wife. At this time Muriel and Arthur were the owners of STILL`s Hotel and Restaurant, 32 Bristol Street in Birmingham until they separated in the early 1930s. They also did meals at the local races, as Irene remembers the big marquee that they used. [Thanks, Terry!] From Kelly's Directory for Birmingham: 1921 - 32 Bristol St - STILL Alfred L, fried fish. 1926 - 32 Bristol St - STILL Arthur - Fried Fish Dealer 1928 - 32 Bristol St - STILL Arthur - Fried Fish Dealer 1930 - 32 Bristol St - "Still's Temperance Hotel" ( Miss M.F.P. PALMER, Proprietress) Commercial Hotel. Telephone No: Midland 2515 1932 - 32 Bristol St - "Still's Temperance Hotel" 1934 address not mentioned 1935 Numbers go from 28-30 to 34 -other businesses 1936 - 32 Bristol St - W.D Engineering Co Ltd. My thanks to fellow subscribers on the Rootsweb Birmingham Mailing List for this information. Muriel and Arthur seperated and divorced in the 1930s. Muriel was Mrs STILL at her father's funeral in September 1931 - but no mention of a Mr STILL. She then married William John HINDLE and they lived at "Ardboyne House", Holt, nr Trowbridge in Wiltshire. Muriel died on 11 September 1944 and is buried at Holt. William HINDLE died 2 March 1946 - he is also buried at Holt. As William & Muriel had no children, administration of William's estate was granted to one "Nellie PARKER, "Ardboyne Bungalow" Holt, aforesaid married woman the lawful Aunt of the whole blood and one of the persons entitled to share in the estate of the said intestate ...... My thanks to Muriel's grandson, Terry, for the probate details.
Muriel's Siblings: ......................
Francisco Charles Parker
Reginald Elijah Parker
Hilda DaSilva Parker
Douglas Emmanuel Parker
Zoe Mildred
Alphonso Ronald Robert
Algy DaSilva Teed
Queenie Kate DaSilva
Freda Lilian Alexandra
Vera Constance DeSilva
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