In Memory of Roy PALMER 1934 - 2005

In Memory of Roy PALMER 1934 -2005

Postcard from Angelo Steven PALMER to his grandmother, Susannah PALMER
This is a postcard from Roy's grandfather, Angelo Steven PALMER to his grandmother, Susannah PALMER. Postmarked Grantham, Lincs. 7.45 p.m. Aug. 8 1908 Addressed to Mrs S. Palmer, Senior 17a Queen Street Wisbech Cambridgeshire.
Dear Grandma,
I would be delighted to have a few lines from you
to know how you are going on at Wisbech. Mabel will be with me on Monday.
You will find me about the second row marked X. Getting on fine at Grantham.
Love to all, Grandson Angelo.
.... Angelo Steven PALMER, gRANTHAM 1908
..... Joseph Roy PALMER  1934-2005.....
In Memory of
Joseph Roy PALMER

26 September 1934
28 January 2005

grandson of Angelo Steven PALMER
Roy carried out very valuable foundation work on the PALMER family history in the 1980's and 1990's and was a familiar face at the reunions. Sadly, he missed the most recent one in 2004 due to his 70th birthday celebrations coinciding. He leaves his wife Barbara, two daughters Janice and Elaine and grandchildren. Ryfealyer & Martha PALMER Home Page Site Home Page & Index Contact Details - if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages.
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