Ryfealyer DeSilva PALMER 19 September 1859 - 6 December 1894

Ryfealyer DeSilva Palmer
19 September 1859 - 6 December 1894

   Emmanuel & Susannah's 6th child Ryfealyer DeSilva was given the same name as Susannah's 5th baby 
   who'd died in December the previous year.

   On the 1881 UK Census, Ryfealyer, aged 22, is living with his parents and siblings 
   at Methwold, West Norfolk.
   On 28 October 1881, Ryfealyer married Martha ENGLISH of Stoke Ferry, Norfolk.  
   His occupation on their marriage certificate is given as "Engineer".

   Their children were:
Ryfealyer DeSilva born 9th January 1882
Angelo Steven born 26th August 1883
Martha Mabel Velenia born Sep Qtr 1885
Daisy Delphina born Dec Qtr 1887
Alfred Younather DeSilva born 1889
Clarence Emmanuel born Sep Qtr 1892
Louis Charles born 11th November 1894

By the 1891 UK Census, Ryfealyer & Martha and children are living near Hilgay where Ryfealyer worked as a "Water Engine Driver" From Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1900: "The pumping station and dam, constucted near Hunt�s sluice for the Feltwell and Methwold drainage commissioners, was opened in 1884 : from these works about 100 tons of water per minute can be pumped into the River Ouse." I think this is where Ryfealyer lived and worked. But tragedy strikes in November 1894 - Diptheria. Before the advent of antibiotics and innoculation, it was a killer diease - as it proved with Ryfealyer's young family: Daisy died on 27 November, aged 7 years Louis died on 28 November, aged 17 days Martha died on 30 November, aged 33 years Alfred died on 5 December, aged 5 years Ryfealyer died on 6 December, aged 35 years leaving Ryfealyer [jun] aged 13 years, Angelo aged 11 years, Martha Mabel aged 9 years & Clarence aged 2 years, orphaned. An inquest was held into Martha Palmer's death on 3 December 1894 All the deaths were registered by Ryfealyer's younger brother, Francisco on 8 February, 1895. Interestingly, the death of the baby Louis was registered before his birth was.

Ryfealyer's Siblings: ................ Ryfealyer & Martha's children:
Marear DeSilva Ryfealyer DeSilva
Emmannuel Angelo Steven
Louis Henry Martha Mabel Velenia
Lapauldro Clarence Emmanuel
Don Thursalht
Angelo Stephen
Delfina Honor
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